Oh the sweet smells of Christmas

Where to enjoy some hot mulled wine, bratwurst, or just the festive atmosphere

Written by our media partner Highstreet.bg, photos by Deutscher Weihnachtsmarkt Sofia

The first snow of winter has already fallen, and the Christmas mood is finally in the air. The smell of mulled wine, baked cinnamon biscuits, and the sense of coziness have started to fill the cities of Bulgaria. One by one, the Christmas markets are starting to open, which marks the beginning of the festive season. From our well-known Kapana Fest, through the large German Christmas market in Sofia, all the way to the beautiful market in the village of Chavdar - one by one the cities of Bulgaria are filled with light and fragrances of kindness and warmth. Here you will find all about the Christmas markets this year. 

This year Plovdiv -the cultural capital of Bulgaria- will be transformed from 17 to 26 December with the traditional "Christmas Market Kapana". You will have the opportunity to enjoy Kapana in all its glory. The difference at this year's edition is the location, which will be Central Square instead of the main street of Kapana. At the market, you will be able to find gift ideas and mulled wine, beautiful decorations, and many delicacies. The organizers invite visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Santa Claus and fairy tales through quality Bulgarian brands that will be waiting for you.

If you can't wait for the Christmas market in Plovdiv and the Christmas spirit has taken over you, we already have a Christmas bazaar in Sofia, which started on 19 November. This is the German Christmas Market, located in the City Garden. The festive mood that the market brings to the residents and guests of the capital is spreading as a fragrance through the 40 houses in it. The purpose of the market is to bring the German Christmas atmosphere to our country. There you will be able to find not only traditional German souvenirs but also sweet and savory delicacies. The scents of stollen, sausages and stuffed potatoes can be felt throughout the City Garden. You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of lights, music, and smiling visitors until 21 December.

Another market that will open in Sofia is "Kapana Market". The organizers of the market say that the main part of Plovdiv’s "Kapana Market" will visit the capital for a whole month. In cooperation with B:EAT they will surprise residents of Sofia with delicious food and handmade beauties by Bulgarian authors. From 1 December, they expect delicious burgers, salads, sweet temptations, as well as modern craftsmen, beekeepers, and Bulgarian producers of food and cosmetics. The place which will soak up all this atmosphere is B:EAT next to the ice rink at Yunak Stadium.

For fans of entirely handmade clothes and accessories, as well as charity, there will be 3 more Christmas markets in Sofia. These are MishMash Fest, which is part of the Cultural Calendar of the capital and will present its visitors with wonderful gifts from Bulgarian authors. You will be able to visit "MishMash fest - Xmas is coming" on 11/12 December, on Slaveykov Square in Sofia. Another market is the "CoChristmas handmade bazaar". There you will find many Bulgarian artists, and children and pets are welcome. "CoChristmas handmade bazaar" will take place on 8/9 December in Vitosha Business Center. The last bazaar that is entirely focused on charity is "In & Out x Relovved". Its goal is to bring together the good and love in the name of Dima, who suffers from a severe form of childhood epilepsy. What you can expect from the market are selected clothes by popular Bulgarian personalities, which can be purchased by any visitor. "In & Out x Relovved" will take place on 11/12 December, between 11:00 and 22:00 o’clock, and will be located on the rooftop bar Kitchen 59.

Veliko Tarnovo
In the old capital, Veliko Tarnovo, the Christmas market began on 26 November with a transformation of Marno Pole Park into a fabulous Christmas town. Here is the special post office of Santa Claus, where children will be able to leave their letters to the white-bearded old man. The fairytale houses offer souvenirs, various delicacies, sweets, and of course, mulled wine. Several charity campaigns will be held during the time of the market to make Christmas even brighter. You can visit the beautiful market until 31 December, and each child can send their letter up until 21 December (so Santa has time to do his magic).

Along the Black Sea coast, the Christmas spirit appeared on 19 November at the Sea Station in Varna. "Varna fun port" offers us 24 Christmas houses where you can find food and drinks, as well as an ice rink and amusement park attractions that are available to everyone. But that’s not the end, the city offers us 2 more markets - one on Independence Square and another in "Hall 3". At all three markets visitors will be able to enjoy scenes of local folklore and music by famous musicians. In "Hall 3" you will be able to indulge in extreme sports, and if you get bored you will be able to visit 2 more halls with concerts and creative relaxation. "Varna fun port" will last until 6 January, and the festival on Independence Square can be visited from 5 December to 10 January 2022.

The Village of Chavdar
Last but not least, our journey through the Christmas markets around the country will end with the "Christmas Village of Bulgaria", which will delight its visitors from 11 December to 1 January next year, in the picturesque village of Chavdar. The market is inspired by the Christmas markets of Austria and Germany. Expect lights, German specialties, traditional mulled wine, and a rich cultural program. The guests and residents of the village of Chavdar will be able to attend this Christmas fairytale, rich in events and emotions, every Friday from 11 December.

All Christmas markets will be held in accordance with the anti-epidemic measures, which include the requirement for a Green Certificate, as well as wearing masks.

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