Sofia Farm Festival

  •   National Palace of Culture (NDK) Park                
  •   23
  •   8 PM

We are very happy and proud to share that Sofia Farm Festival is once again part of our city's Cultural Calendar!

This year marks 10 years of holding farmers' markets in Sofia and around the country, and we plan to celebrate this important achievement with even more work, events, sharing good food, and talking about why it's important to have it and the people who produce it.

On this occasion, 7 of our 11 festival events will be 2 days each - Saturday-Sunday, making a total of 18 festival days in this series!

We'll continue to bring you small Bulgarian producers and artisans from all over the country, celebrate traditions and customs, share skills and knowledge, support worthwhile causes and enjoy quality music and a great mood from socializing with each other. 

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