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Media Production – Photo/Video - Bloomyn Media

We are a media company, specializing in content creation, organizing and leveraging real-life events into a strong and engaging online presence.

The Relationship App - Five App

Support the Bulgarian Relationship App by applying to be the FIRST beta testers. This is us – the team who believes that real relationships can start online.

Video and Animation Production Company - K Media/Кадъръ Медия

K Media is a Bulgarian-based production company which collaborates long-term with businesses to build their audiovisual identity and branding by focusing on product...

Learning Slavic languages - Slav със Love

Slavic language lessons in a friendly environment with Radostyna. Private or in small groups, online or in-person – in Plovdiv

Fullstack Web Developer - Atanas Yonkov

I am a Full-Stack Web Developer specialize in WordPress by focusing on quality and creating value for the clients.