Organizations we work with to further contribute to the communities we live and operate in. Do you want to partner up and collaborate with us and nearly 30 partners in our network? Reach out at [email protected]


The Center for Portuguese Language and Culture “Camões Sofia” aims to implement the policy of dissemination of the Portuguese language and culture in Bulgaria, covering the management of the Portuguese teaching network and the organization of activities both within the Center itself and in partnership with local institutions.


Computer For Joro is committed to equipping the next generation of Bulgarians with the resources they need to receive a proper education. They are a charity providing laptops, PCs, routers, and other tech-related gear to Bulgarian students. They emerged due to COVID-19 when most schools had gone remote, yet many children didn't, and still don't have the technology to succeed. With everyone's support, they are committed to continuing this mission of providing Bulgarian kids in need with laptops and internet access so they can have the education they deserve.


Sofia Development Association is a municipal foundation of Sofia Municipality, established in 2010 to conduct research, aims to promote the development of civic initiatives and to assist the implementation of municipal policies, strategic documents and long-term programs.


Multi Kulti Collective (MKC) is one of the leading Bulgarian not-for-profit organizations working on migrant and refugee integration, community development and human rights. It operates both on grass-root and policy level to achieve bigger impact and social change both nationally and in Europe.


Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, established 1895, is an independent, non-governmental organization for assistance, promotion, representation and protection of the business interests of its members, which contributes to the development of international economic cooperation and provides assistance for the European and international integration of the Republic of Bulgaria. The activity of the Chamber is based on the principles of voluntary membership, autonomy and self-financing. BCCI seeks to establish straightforward and ethical relations among the business circles. BCCI has a network of 28 Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry, 84 Sector Organizations and about 52 000 members – traders, corporations, associations.


Hrankoop Sofia is the first Bulgarian food cooperative that brings together producers and consumers of clean healthy food. Its main goals are to support small scale producers of this food and to make consumers’ access to it easier, organising farmers’ markets, cooperative deliveries, catering with farm products, workshops and demonstrations, and participating in various events on clean healthy food and sustainable way of living.


Caritas Sofia assists the most vulnerable members of Bulgarian society in finding their way to dignity and justice regardless of their religious beliefs, race, gender and other differences. Caritas Sofia is a voice and example of the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church. The organization is based in Sofia and assistance is provided in cities and towns where the Catholic Exarchate is present: Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Malko Turnovo, Kuklen, Pokrovan, Banya and Veselinovo.


In 1890, three Bulgarian musicians Dragomir Kazakov, Ivan Slavkov and Angel Bukoreshtliev organized the first opera troupe in Bulgaria as a branch of the “Sofia Drama and Opera Troupe”. From the end of 1908, the formation of a full-time choir began. The first ballet troupe in our country has a history of almost 90 years. In addition to the contemporary repertoire, the troupe maintains a respectful portfolio of nearly 30 classic titles, considered the most difficult both financially and creatively. 50 years have passed since that particular autumn day in 1953 when in Sofia was officially opened the new National Opera, comfortably sheltered into the friendly arms of the Monumental House of BZNS.


Antistatic Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance started in 2008 as the first festival in Sofia with this profile and since then became one of the most established, cultural events of its kind. Every year it brings over exciting international production and also regularly showcases the work of emerging and renowned Bulgarian choreographers. All events in its program are accessible to English-speaking audiences. Antistatic is organized by award-winning dance and performance artists and producers Iva Sveshtarova, Willy Prager, and Stephan A. Shtereff.


Serious professional team who are experts in creating web applications/ mobile applications, running and maintaining servers, and creative ideas for spinning the servers and deploying applications, using most advance technologies


Synergy Bulgaria supports young people in their social, personal and professional development. The team of volunteers, youth workers and trainers aims to empower, inspire and educate young people through experiential learning.


Whether you call yourself an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, independent professional or self-employed, there is a big chance that you feel that you are running a business alone. Our mission is to help freelancers to find like-minded profs, connect with the community and stimulate knowledge sharing in the freelance economy. We do it via freelance events, training and masterclasses.


BEST Foundation promotes creative & democratic self-expression and civic engagement among Bulgarian youth. By providing English-language speech and debate tournaments, student leadership opportunities, and international programming to Bulgarian students, the BEST Foundation promotes critical thinking skills and free thought so as to foster a community of engaged, democratically-minded citizens who are committed to creating a bright future for Bulgaria.


Edno School is a Bulgarian language and culture school based in Sofia. We offer online and face-to-face courses to learners of all ages. We absolutely love what we do and we’d do all we can to help our students succeed. At Edno School we offer Bulgarian language courses and lessons for adults, children, teenagers and corporate clients. Our courses are taught face-to-face in Sofia, online or in a blended format. Our groups are small and our classes are super engaging.


Studio Karakashyan is a multi-disciplinary production company specializing in dance, film, and artist development, imprinting culture through the power of movement. Founded in 2018 by director and choreographer Kosta Karakashyan and producer Todor Barganov, the studio specializes in visual storytelling from concept to execution across live performance, film, digital, social, and immersive spaces.


Teach For Bulgaria is part of the global network Teach For All. Their mission is to work long-term towards positive change in education in Bulgaria. They recruit, train, and develop people who are motivated to contribute to every child’s access to quality education in Bulgaria; quality education which leads to a functioning economy and a strong society. Teach For Bulgaria also work with school teams and develop partnerships at an institutional level. The NGO was created in 2010 with the support of the America For Bulgaria Foundation.


Sofia Accueil aims to welcome and facilitate the integration of French speakers in Sofia, through the organization of various activities and cultural exchanges for and by its members. Its members come from a variety of backgrounds: Francophones newly installed in Sofia, as well as Bulgarian francophones who wish to maintain contact with French language and culture, and people who are currently learning or had learned French and wish to become francophones.


Artist Tree Sofia is a non-profit community art studio for the Facebook community, Creatives- Sofia. It is the largest international creative collective in Sofia for artists, writers, musicians, poets, photographers, and creative enthusiasts.


Highstreet Magazine is a bilingual media focusing on culture, fashion, lifestyle, art, health and all things modern. The platform’s mission is to feature local businesses and brands, and the people behind them. It is about social life and inclusion, the gift of starting conversations going, talking to people from all walks of life. Plovdiv is our hometown and our friends are global. This is modern life in an ancient city. Highstreet’s team authors in-house creative projects, content, articles and open dialogues. The goal of the magazine is to seek to educate and share this experience with the community


ESN Bulgaria is part of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) – the biggest student association in Europe. ESN is the key volunteer student organization in international higher education in Europe. They provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of SHS – Students Helping Students.


GLAS Foundation is a non-governmental organization, founded in 2014. It strives to bring forth a positive change to the lives of the LGBTI+ people in Bulgaria, by fighting for full equality and protection from all forms of discrimination. The organization’s goals is the complete inclusion of the LGBTI+ people in all aspects of life and society. The main focus is on working with parents of LGBTI+ people, creating an integrated work environment and campaigning against homophobic and transphobic hate crimes, HIV prevention and awareness, as well as promoting tolerance.


Medical Students On a Mission (M.S.O.M) is a legalised NGO founded by Medical Students from Plovdiv Medical University in 2017. MSOM’s aim is to provide medical and humanitarian relief. It primarily targets areas lacking in basic primary care and aids them through particular medical camps and outreach programmes led by Doctors and involving students.


Student Aid Drop is a youth led group with one shared passion: make difference to the current refugee crisis that has affected millions of people worldwide. A small team of university students was established in Sofia, Bulgaria in order to raise awareness about the cause.


Meeting Points is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to create opportunities for interaction between people from different backgrounds. It hosts regular events such as city walks and community dinners and is engaged in several creative projects across Sofia.


Green Association was established at the end of 2012 by a group of friends with a goal to promote non-standard solutions for environmental protection. The tools they use strive to preserve their originality, authenticity and freedom. The team mainly relies on personal resources, donations and voluntary work.


Listen Up Foundation is an advocacy-based organization for the Deaf people, who strive for equality and inclusion in the Bulgarian society.


Medipath International is a nonprofit organization that specializes in disseminating medical knowledge by connecting students, young scientists and the public with renowned healthcare professionals. Throughout the year we host virtual lessons, workshops, international symposiums and many more!


K & G Finance is a finance and legal services-oriented firm that offers a wide range of services aimed at facilitating the management of companies from the tedious administrative work. They provide competent financial, accounting and legal services to managers of Bulgarian companies.


Sigura is an insurance broker offering a tailor-made insurance products and multidisciplinary legal service for individuals and companies that need to: comply with their legal obligations in Bulgaria, resolve and prevent conflicts, clarify differences between the legal systems of the country of origin and Bulgaria.