КвАРТал 2021 | vol. 6

  •   Kvartal District                
  •   23
  •   8 PM

Save the dates when KvARTal will provoke the residents of the capital and will show the cultural potential of the area, described by the boulevards "Maria Luiza", "Dondukov", "Vasil Levski" and "Slivnitsa".

This year the theme is "Secret Quarters", namely the stories and secrets hidden between the beautiful old houses and cobbled streets. We will meet the unknown and enter where it has not been entered for decades. And why not find the small businesses next door, such as a stretch mark shoemaker, a light shop, a tailor, a grinder or an upholsterer? We promise to negotiate the architectural heritage as well. A recent study showed that it is in KvARTala that there are the most buildings-monuments of architecture. Come to the art KvARTal and let's celebrate Sofia Day together!

The event is part of the Calendar of cultural events of Sofia Municipality for 2021 and is implemented in partnership with Oborishte district, Sofia Municipality

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