Relationship’s autopsy

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Everyday of our lives we are likely to start, experience and even end a relationship – that affects us emotionally, cognitively and sometimes physically as well. Occasionally this effect is not the desired one. Sometimes it’s a repeating effect, and often it may seem like a dead end. In such cases it is beneficial to conduct a “postmortem” to see if and which patterns emerge.
– If you have noticed certain situations repeating in your life
– If the expression “I have been through this before” often crosses your mind when it comes to your relationships, then this workshop is for you.
Join us for a “Relationship autopsy”: where in a safe environment we will go through a series of questions, that will help us better understand our past and ourselves so we can properly invest in our future and growth.
The only requirements for this workshop are; an open heart, reflection, introspection and the willingness to be honest with yourself.
For this particular type of workshop the amount of participants is limited to 8 people, so make sure to register as soon as possible. We will call/write you for the confirmation.

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