Story.Me: Business Edition - Young, Bold, and Creative

  •   Networking Premium, Rakovska Str. 25                
  •   23
  •   8 PM

The way to start a business, or enter the world of entrepreneurship, is to quit talking about it and start doing it. Don’t focus on the winding roads ahead: instead, focus on the destination and where it may lead you.

In the upcoming Business Edition of the Story.Me series, organized by Synergy Bulgaria, Open Bulgaria, and Networking Premium, three young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs will share their stories about diving into the unknown. Learn how their youthful energy and creativity helped them carve out a path of their own, becoming wiser and more experienced along the way.

Join us on 23 June at 18:30 at Networking Premium Rakovska for a night of youthful exuberance that will inspire you to leave worry and hypothetical mistakes behind, and to pluck the courage you need to get you on the road to entrepreneurship. You may be young today, but you are the leaders and changers of tomorrow.

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