Terms and Conditions

Administrator IDs and contact details
Name: Open Sofia Foundation
Address: ul. „Georgi S. Rakovski“ 25, 1202 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
Email: [email protected]

Categories of personal data to be processed

The services provided by the site imply the provision of Personal Data, such as a CV containing physical identity information (name, address, telephone, e-mail), professional experience, and education (type of education, qualifications, courses, certificates, employers, and positions) and other information.

Obligations of the user

Only Employers (organizations, traders, etc.) can publish ads for job vacancies in Openbulgaria.org. In Openbulgaria.org can be published ads only for actually existing job vacancies for which is provided the corresponding position with the employer, as well as for real jobs. Openbulgaria.org does not advertise homeworking. Openbulgaria.org is entitled to delete ads with obscene content and ads conflicting with Internet ethics or having clearly immoral content and ads that do not relate to the offering of a specific work position. Employers violating or not complying with the General Terms and Conditions are not entitled to compensation and their ads shall be deleted. Openbulgaria.org is entitled to refuse re-registration or activation of Employer committed more than one breach of these rules. Openbulgaria.org is entitled to ban publications from certain IP addresses, e-mails, or phones that violate the rules on posting ads in Openbulgaria.org Openbulgaria.org reserves the right to update the rules for posting ads, and employers are required periodically to familiarize themselves with them. New rules on posting ads shall enter into force on the day of their announcement on the site. In one ad, employers may declare one type of job opening. Openbulgaria.org is entitled to cancel submissions of employers not complying with the rules for posting ads. The data, through which the biographies of candidates for employment in Openbulgaria.org are formed, are stored in the database of the site. Openbulgaria.org does not duplicate this data to provide to employers, but only visualizes them in the appropriate form. The purpose of collecting, processing, and storing this data is on Openbulgaria.org and with the explicit consent of the data subject. To the extent that such data is Personal Data within the meaning of Regulation (EC) 2016/679 and in respect of such personal data, Openbulgaria.org is a Personal Data Administrator and only a Personal Data Administrator. Employers may choose to collect, store, and process biographical data associated with their ads at Openbulgaria.org outside of the platform, but this automatically makes them Data Administrators with respect to those collected, stored, or processed data from applications outside Openbulgaria.org where they should comply with the requirements of the Regulation.

  • The Employer is an Administrator of Personal Data regarding the applications received in his / her account and should comply with the requirements of Regulation (EC) 2016/679.
  • The employer is obligated by all means not to demand from candidates to send a special category of data by the law definition in articles 9 and 10 from Regulation (EU) 2016/679 by Openbulgaria.org.

Such as:

  • Data revealing your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership of trade unions, or your genetic information, biometric data, health status, sexual or sexual orientation, or data that is related to your convictions and violations.
  • identity documents, as well as personal ID number, passport / ID card number, etc. similar.

Targets of processing

The purpose of data collection and processing is to offer the service to the Openbulgaria.org site, namely job search and supply. Personal information is information that serves your ID, ie. name, e-mail. Open Sofia Foundation - will not collect any personal information in any form whatsoever except for the actions required by the site, Openbulgaria.org.

Categories of recipients of data

The function of Openbulgaria.org is an information platform that allows employment agencies, employers, and other similar persons to see the CV if the data subject has asked to provide them (by applying). After submitting your resume to the above-mentioned data recipients, they can be copied, collected, and used by those third parties who become the administrators of your personal data. Any requests regarding personal data sent to employers may be directed directly to them.

Information on the rights of the data subject

Openbulgaria.org provides you with an option to contact the support team at [email protected] to request the deletion of the data from the servers of the company. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data, which is based on a task of public interest, the exercise of official authority, or legitimate interest.

Is the provision of personal data obligatory?

The mandatory information to sign up is a name and an email. Providing your personal data to the rest of the functional part of the site is entirely voluntary at your request. The individual looking for work independently assesses whether and what data to provide.

Automated decision making, including profiling

Cookies are small files that are temporarily stored on your hard drive and allow our site to recognize your computer the next time you visit the Openbulgaria.org website. Open Sofia Foundation uses cookies only to collect information about the use of our sites in order to identify you faster and provide you with services. We may allow third parties, such as advertisers or analysts, to collect information using these technologies directly from our website. More information about cookie management - www.allaboutcookies.org is a useful resource with very detailed information about cookies and how to manage them in case you want to delete or disable cookies from Openbulgaria.org

Expiration date

The use of services of Openbulgaria.org is without registration, the data submitted for the respective application will be stored within 90 days of filing and then deleted.

Whether the data will be provided to a third country outside the EU

When you send your CV to a third party (Bulgarian or foreign employers, intermediary companies, etc.), you are likely to provide them to a non-EU country, for which you need to be duly notified in the employer notice. Security by Openbulgaria.org The data we provide is consciously protected against loss, destruction, misrepresentation/tampering, manipulation, and unauthorized access or unauthorized disclosure. Open Sofia Foundation will use your personal data solely for the purpose of the technical management of the site where you are registered to give you access to special information or to communicate with you. Open Sofia Foundation has the right to sell or trade-in your personal data. Open Sofia Foundation employees are required to protect the confidentiality of your data and comply with an agreement to disclose confidential information. Open Sofia Foundation is governed by the adopted company policy for the protection of personal data, which is presented to the Commission for Personal Data Protection and is strictly managed by it when storing the personal data received from registered users on the sites owned by the company. Payments Openbulgaria.org provides paid services. The services are paid to Open Sofia Foundation, in a manner specified in Openbulgaria.org. Some primary accounting documents can be created and reported online in compliance with the legislation of Bulgaria and the EU. Paid services are as follows: Top Job offers, Confidential ads, Ads for jobs outside Bulgaria, Ad promotion on Social Media. Payment for services provided by Openbulgaria.org is done in the following ways:

  • By a bank transfer;

Open Sofia Foundation informs its clients about the services provided by the site Openbulgaria.org that it does not accept payments in cash.