Ukrainians need our help

What to do, and how to assist the people of Ukraine

Written by Scott Green, Yulia Markos, Daria Chernyshova, and Giuseppe Di Benedetto

“I appeal for cessation of hostilities, not because you are too exhausted to fight, but because war is bad in essence.” - Mahatma Gandhi.

For Ukrainians fleeing, and looking for services available in various countries, check out this interactive map.

The Open Sofia Foundation, Open Bulgaria, and Synergy Bulgaria strongly reject war and violence as a means of solving international disputes. We do not condone, nor support what is currently happening in Ukraine, which is truly a horrible tragedy. We are all victims in this, in some way or another, and we all need to stand together and support one another. 

We understand these are exceptional times for everyone, times that could bring the worst human instincts out of us: that’s why we strongly believe that we need to appeal, now more than ever, to solidarity, a higher sense of understanding each other, so guns can be silent and the voice of reason can prevail.

With the help of other organizations, we have compiled this list of services that are doing their best to support the Ukrainian people who are suffering during this needless conflict. More support is always needed, so if you are able to assist our fellow human beings, please read through this article and find out how you can help. Let’s stay human, let’s give peace a chance.

Practical ways to give support:
- Send humanitarian help: food, clothes & medication to the Volunteer Warehouse Center in Poland, this will then be delivered to Ukraine. Alternatively, you can find one of the international warehouses in the USA, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey & the UK;
- Wedding Center Sofia makes trips to the Ukrainian border every Thursday. Donations should be in cardboard boxes. Practical clothing for men and women. Baby milk formula, diapers, canned food, and any other food that is ready for consumption and does not need cooking.
- You can donate to komfort4ukraine who are assisting with providing housing, food, clothing, toys, phone cards, and whatever else Ukrainians need to get settled in a new country;
- Donate to За доброто who will provide food, medicine, accommodation, and services that ensure a normal stay, as well as any other activities that may be necessary for Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria; 
- Help with hosting Ukrainian refugees. If you have a place to stay, please fill in the form. Your contacts will be forwarded to people in need;
- If you’re from a border country: Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, or Moldova and want to help as a volunteer, please contact your local refugee center;
- The most influential organization is the Bulgarian Red Cross, they are collecting clothes, basic necessity items, etc. Contact - Lyubomir Karakanovsky +359 2 4923 070 and Marina Shehova +359 2 4923 027;
Center of the Bessarabian Bulgarians in Bulgaria collects men's clothes and medicine to send to Ukraine. Contacts - 0888 682543 (+359 888 682543) Raina; 089 4882332 ( +35989 4882332) Maria;
Ukrainian Red Cross;
- ‘Razom for Ukraine’ Charity Fund.

Accommodation, transfer from the borders:
Here people can fill out the form to be evacuated/get support in Bulgaria, they are also asking for resources to assist them here;
- If you're wondering how to host refugees;
- Government information center Ukrainians can contact them to seek assistance in getting out of Ukraine, to settling in Bulgaria;
- Facebook group, people there are super responsive, ready to provide accommodation/food/financial support, Free accommodation offers;
- Here is an interactive map with people offering different services to the Ukrainians that are fleeing. Some of the services are free accommodation, pet care, and transportation.

Support for those who arrived:
- This website was set up by the EU and provides information for people fleeing the war in Ukraine;
- BA Diabet / Българска Асоциация Диабет - they are ready to supply (AID like insulin, glucometers, test strips) children and adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, pregnant women with gestational diabetes - mail: [email protected], website, № +3592 9310779;
- Remote Ukraine is a job site set up specifically to help Ukrainian refugees find work;
- If you're looking to hire refugees;
- Help & Shelter for Ukraine;
- Coordination center in Veliko Tarnovo - +359 883247410 - they said that they would help look for accommodation, call hotels, guest houses, etc.

Free medical checkup:
- Varna, Medical Center ”Санита“, ж.к. Младост 163. Тел: 052 / 571-818 (+35952 571-818 ) 0884 / 571-818 (+359 884 571-818 )
- Sofia, УМБАЛ Св. Анна, гр. София, ул. Димитър Моллов №1 - тел. 02 / 9759329 (+359 2 9759329)