Our favorite international restaurants in Sofia

Hungry for something new

Written by Sara Coll, edited by Mila Boshnakova, photos by Sara Coll, Franco's Pizza, and Ashurbanipal

It is often said that food is an accurate reflection of the traditions and history of a particular country or region. That is why trying new flavors and dishes is a great way to discover other cultures. 

Plus, even though we all have some habits and routines when it comes to food, once in a while it can be good to try something diverse. Who knows, you may discover your new favorite dish!

Today we bring you our selection of the best restaurants in Sofia where you can have a taste of international cuisine. Let's begin!

Annette - Moroccan
This cozy restaurant located in the heart of Sofia will make you feel like you’ve been instantly teleported to Marrakech. It’s a great place to enjoy a relaxing meal and maybe share some varied mezze, traditional small dishes served as appetizers, while enjoying a fresh homemade lemonade. Or maybe you want to try one of their delicious couscous dishes. Take your pick!

Whichever way you choose, you’re guaranteed a peaceful meal in a beautifully decorated restaurant. The best thing: it has a backyard patio, ideal for a summer lunch.

Ashurbanipal - Middle Eastern
The second stop in our trip continues to the east, more specifically to the Middle East. This small family restaurant is loved by the local community. The owner is usually the one who takes your order and is always ready for a chat. 

The menu is small but every dish is worth it. You will leave with your stomach full and your soul even fuller! One last thing, if you're wondering about the name, Ashurbanipal was the last great king of Assyria.

Franco’s Pizza - Italian
Ahh, l’Italia! I truly believe one can never grow tired of Italian cuisine. That’s why the next place on our list is a pizzeria. You may have heard of it as one of the best pizzas in town, and that’s no lie.

Franco’s is a small restaurant, where it can sometimes be hard to find a table, and with good reason. If you take a look at their menu, you will notice that some of their pizzas are not very typical. But we dare you to try pistachios on a pizza - you might like it!

Our Italian readers will give the final verdict, but it definitely had to be on our list.

Fantasia - Döner 
Alright, maybe adding a döner place to a list of international cuisine restaurants may be seen as cheating, but we promise there’s a reason.

This is rumored to be one of the best döners in Sofia. You can tell how popular they are by how many people you can find right outside their doors. But not to worry, the personnel are very fast so the wait is not long.

You can enjoy their döners no matter the time of day, from the morning for a quick breakfast (we don’t judge), till after midnight. Tasty food that is perfect to take away at any time.

Great Harvest - Chinese
If you’re looking for an authentic Chinese meal, this is the place to go. This hidden gem in Studentski Grad is recommended due to the good quality and big portions of their dishes. 

Now, if you’re ready for a genuine experience, here’s the trick: there is a separate Chinese menu, which you need to ask for specifically. Otherwise, they will bring you the adapted menu.

We hope you enjoyed our small culinary trip. Let us know what are your favorite international food spots in the city and stay tuned for Part 2.

Bon appetit!

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