24-hour shops, pharmacies, services and restaurants in Sofia

A guide to life in the city for night owls

Written by Detelina Palova, edited by Lindsay Martin, photo by Anastasiia Dehtiarova.


All of us have had circumstances happen where we need to get something done late at night. Whether it’s needing a pharmacy, a supermarket, or a restaurant, we all know what it’s like to not know where to turn to in this case. Here is everything you need to know about Sofia’s 24/7 shops and venues. If you want to make sure you’re never left lacking anything important, keep reading so you know where you can head to in any situation.


Chain Stores - Магазинъ 345 / Magazin 345

This chain of supermarkets has branches in many Sofia quarters. In particular, these are 15 branches that are open 24 hours a day. You can see which one is closest to you down below.

Center. Address: Veslets Street №4. Google Maps link here

Close to Pirogov hospital. Address: Victor Grigorovich Street №1. Google Maps link here

Close to the Seminary. Address: Lozenets quarter, Velchova Zavera square, № 1. Google Maps link here

Banishora. Address: Stoletov Blvd. 102. Google Maps link here

Ovcha Kupel. Address: Ovcha Kupel Bus Station, Tsar Boris III Blvd. Google Maps link here

Mladost 4. Address: Business Park Sofia, building 1. Google Maps link here

Geo Milev. Address: Kosta Lulchev Street №13. Google Maps link here

Ilinden quarter. Address: Zaharna Fabrika quarter, Kukush Street №1. Google Maps link here

Manastirski Livadi quarter. Address: Pirin Street bl.14 / 15. Google Maps link here

Gorublyane quarter. Address: Samokovsko Shosse Street №66. Google Maps link here

Sitnyakovo quarter. Address: Oborishte quarter, Zemen Street №2. Google Maps link here

Reduta quarter. Address: 34 Atanas Uzunov Street. Google Maps link here

Boyana quarter. Address: 75G Kumata Street. Google Maps link here

Metro. The huge hypermarket “Metro” also has 24/7 working hours. The address is Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd. 7-11, 1124 7th Kilometer, Sofia. Website: https://www.metro.bg/store-locator/sofia

Flower Store Zdravets. Address: Blvd. Vasil Levski 70, 1142 Sofia. Telephone number: +359 893 311663. Website: www.flowers-zdravec.com

Fantastiko. Address: Blvd. Cherni vrah 204 1407 Sofia

Mandarin. Address : "Hristo Belchev" Str. 8, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia. Telephone number: +359 2 958 1259


Nove Farm Pharmacy. Address: Blvd. "Aleksandar Stamboliyski" 100, 1303 Sofia Center, Sofia

Remedia Pharmacy non-stop. Address: Blvd. "Vasil Levski" 100B, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia. Phone: +359 2 846 3556

Pharmacy non-stop. Address: Blvd. Krasna Polyana 1, 1373 Vazkresenie, Sofia

Pharmacy non-stop. Address: 1124 zh.k. Yavorov, Sofia. Phone: +359 88 294 0263

Pharmacies Propharma Center 24 Hours Open. Address: the entrance is from 10 Racho Dimchev Str., G. S. Rakovski 126, Sofia. Phone: +359 87 612 0600

24/7 Pharmacy. Address: bl. 60, Studenstski Grad, Sofia



All locations of restaurant Ugo are open 24/7. The one most people know is on the busy Vitosha street, but if you have one in your neighborhood, it’s a great place to have a meal later in the evening.

UGO 1. Address: Blvd. Vitosha 45, Sofia. For reservations: +359884319621

UGO 2. Address: Str Neofit Rilski 68, Sofia. For reservations: +359888909156

UGO 3. Address: Street Khan Krum 2, Sofia. For reservations: +359886979991

UGO 4. Address: Blvd. Alexander Malinov 45. For reservations: +359888742000

Art Club Museum. Address: Saborna Street 5-1, 1000 Center, Sofia. Contact number : +359893564877


Mobile service for repair and replacement of tires and wheels. Contact : +359897814448. You can specify an address you need this service at on the phone.

24/7 Auto Service "Petkov". Address: Blvd. Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov 162А, Sofia 1528. Tel. +359 88 6816 546, +359 879 202 072. Website: www.serviz-petkov.com. Facebook: @Avtoserviz.Petkov

24/7 Fitness (only for club members). Address: Nishava Str. 107, from Tvardishki Prohod Street, Sofia. Contact: +359 893 36 88 57. Email: [email protected] Facebook: www.facebook.com/fitfactory.bg. Website: https://fitfactory.bg/

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