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Written by Bozhidar Ivanov, edited by Mila Boshnakova, photos by Unsplash

Moving to a new place can feel lonely, especially if moving to a new country. Thankfully, social media is here to help us meet new people, get advice and assistance, and find fun events. Facebook groups can connect us with awesome communities and give us a place to seek help for our daily challenges.
We have collected some of our favorite groups we think you’ll love, below!

Foreigners in Sofia & Friends
The biggest community of internationals in Bulgaria, Foreigners in Sofia & Friends boasts over 50,000 members from all around the world! For any question you might have about living in the country, there are many people who can give you advice, share their experiences, or offer help. From finding a specific product in the shops, settling a dispute with the government, finding out how to pay your water bill, or contacting a person who sells homemade rakia (yes, this is a real post), F&F can help you! The group is like having a huge list of friends who you can contact for problems and concerns.

Sofia Foodies
Need a place for all your gastronomical questions and needs? Sofia Foodies has the answers! From finding the perfect blender or the most specific spice, to getting the perfect recommendation for a restaurant in the capital, this group is a friendly and open community for all culinary tastes. Bon appetit!

Visit Bulgaria
A foreigner-friendly group, which collects many perspectives on life in the country. From travel stories and photos of picturesque locations, to the small beauties of everyday life, the group collects fun and useful information about the country and it can give you the inspiration you need for your next holiday destination. If you need confirmation that Bulgaria is a beautiful country, you will find it here!

Hiking in Bulgaria: Tips and Ideas
With 39 mountains, Bulgaria is a true delight for enthusiasts and expert hikers alike! If you live in Sofia, Vitosha mountain is right at your doorstep, inviting you to grab your hiking shoes and experience the nature around the city. This group shares information on exciting hiking trails, ideas for new destinations, and tips on equipment. If you’ve always wanted to get into hiking, then this group can give you the motivation and know-how needed to get some fresh air and escape the noise of the big city. For more hiking inspiration you can see our articles on our favorite trails in Bulgaria and Sofia

Видяно в България / Seen in Bulgaria
To finish off, Seen in Bulgaria collects both beautiful and funny photos from across the country. Most of the content in the group is in Bulgarian, but a quick Google translation will reveal the names of the beautiful spots shared in the group if you’d like to learn more about them yourself. If you are a photographer, the group can be a great place to exhibit your shots of the country. 

We hope these groups will help you make the most out of your stay in Bulgaria! You can also find lots of fun and useful information for foreigners in our blog. To get even more regular news and information on fun events, you can sign up for our newsletter here.

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