Hip Piece. Discovering oneself and freedom through art

African, afro, oriental dances, and hip-hop as means of expressing individuality and creativity

Written by Kristina Petkova, edited by Scott Green, photos by Denislava Petrova

Antistatic. A Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance. It’s more than dance though. I am sitting down in the front row, a friend next to me, waiting for the performance to start. No music, just silence. The music never comes. The dance begins. A stage. A group of artists. Each of them with a different personal and professional background, all devoted to the art of dance. They come together in celebration of dance. From the rhythmic beats of African dance to the fluid movements of Afro-house and oriental dance, from the classic elegance of ballet to the energetic vibes of hip-hop, salsa, and twerking, every artist brings their flavor and style to the performance. As they take the stage, they invite the audience and me on a journey through a diverse landscape of movement and expression.

A Symphony of Beauty in Motion
Watching the dance moves becomes an experience for my senses. The fluidity of the dancers' movements, their graceful precision, and their passion captivate my eyes. With each step, and each gesture, it's as if they're painting a masterpiece with their bodies. The vibrant colors of their costumes, and the interplay of light and shadow. There is only one catch - the music is only in their heads.

As the performance unfolds, the artists reveal a huge spectrum of emotions through their movements. Sometimes serious and introspective, their dance shows deep thoughts and feelings. Yet at other times, they surrender to the joy and playfulness of their art, filling every step with life and energy.

Through their work, these artists explore dance as a means of breaking free from societal labels and stereotypes. With every step and every shake, they break free from expectations and embrace their individuality. Dance becomes more than just movement—it becomes a powerful tool for self-expression, creativity, and the liberation of the spirit.

I am sitting in the front row, a friend next to me, the performance just ended. We are speechless, our breath is taken away. We are still impressed by what we just witnessed, shaken by emotions and thoughts. The only way to understand what we feel is to have witnessed it yourself. 

The international programme of Antistatic Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance 2024 is organized by “Brain Store Project” Foundation and “Nomad Dance Academy Bulgaria” Association with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture, Goethe Institute Bulgaria, Sofia Municipality – Calendar of Cultural Events, National Culture Fund under the Creative Europe Programme, project SEEDS - South-East European Dance Stations, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and in partnership with CCA “Toplocentrala”, Derida Stage, the Square 500 National Gallery and Club “DOM”.

Bulgarian Dance Platform is realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture. The “Without Distance” 2024 educational programme is part of the project “Life Long Burning – Future Lost and Found (LLB 3)” and is realized with the financial support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, the National Culture Fund under the Creative Europe Programme in partnership with Goethe Institut Bulgaria.

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