Dance transports you to a secret location

Experience the immersive show "In Her Voice"

Official Press Release of Studio Karakashtan

In Her Voice is a new immersive theatre performance directed and choreographed by Kosta Karakashyan in collaboration with co-director and dramaturge Antonia Georgieva.

Date: December 6th to 10th
Time: 7 pm and 9 pm each night
Location: It's a secret (will be revealed a few days before the performance)
Tickets: Available here

After presenting their immersive productions KITCHEN (exploring the psychological traumas of professional chefs, set in a real culinary school) and The Last Sunset (highlighting the climate crisis by bringing the audience to the Regional Landfill for Nonhazardous Waste in Gabrovo), the two are provoking the audience in a more intimate way this time.

The one-woman show explores the end of love through the whirlwind of human emotions experienced by an abandoned woman in her apartment and is inspired by Jean Cocteau's evocative play "The Human Voice". This contemporary adaptation explores the relationship between the protagonist's body and her emotions, while its unconventional setting makes it accessible and aims to attract new audiences to the work.

"We are excavating the shift from being in a relationship to being completely alone. In a way, we're playing with that catharsis that every single heartbroken person has experienced and we want people to experience those emotions too, almost in a therapeutic way, through a dancer who can create something beautiful and moving out of these negative and very relatable emotions," says Kosta Karakashyan.

Marchela-Vasilena Dimitrova, a dance artist with international experience from France and the UK, a graduate of Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and part of the postgraduate Jasmin Vardimon 2 dance company, plays the lead role. Marchela is already rehearsing on home soil and can't wait to accompany the audience on this intimate journey into the depths of the protagonist’s psyche. Partners for the rehearsal process are Business Park Sofia and their artist residency program, in collaboration with The Collective Foundation and ATOM Dance Studio.

In Her Voice promises a powerful experience in a mysterious location that will remain a secret until opening night, but won't remain the only surprise for the audience.

This project is realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria.

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