Our favorite vegetarian and vegan restaurants that deliver now

Green, healthy, eco-friendly restaurants in Sofia

Written by Minka Paraskevova, edited by Lindsay Martin, photos by Anastasiia Dehtiarova and Ekaterina Totina.


As a non-vegetarian, I find the places listed below to be very tempting and exciting.

Dream House Restaurant offers some of the most refined vegetarian and vegan dishes in Sofia. If you are a vegan, visit the restaurant on Sunday between 12:00 and 16:00 for a traditional Sunday buffet. Open every day from 11:00-22:00 for home delivery. 

 the most refined vegetarian and vegan dishes in Sofia

If you are an avid healthy eater, another great place to visit is Kring Restaurant. It opened in 2008 under the blessing of meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy. It is part of a chain of restaurants in the city center (at Tsar Simeon and Boris Hristov street) and in Geo Milev. It also offers a high-quality theater space for events and occasions. You can order food for your home or office from Monday through Saturday between 9:00 and 19:00.

We also recommend you visit  Veda House, a temple of food and tea. Apart from its charming interior and simple yet nutritious menu, you can stop at the tea store, known for its high-quality tea selection. It has a superb location at 2 Gladstone Street at the corner with Hristo Botev boulevard. It is open from 11:00 to 19:00 for takeaway and home delivery.


According to Happy Cow, the most renowned site for vegetarian and vegan restaurants around the world, there are over 43 restaurant options in Sofia. The site also allows you to search for grocery stores, bakeries, farmers markets, coffee shops, and juice bars. There is a recent feature that connects friends to meet up for a meal at a favorite hotspot.  


Looking for more options? Here's our selection of restaurants for meat lovers and just everyone that either deliver or are open for take away.

I hope this series has intrigued you. Maybe you have already looked into a new restaurant or two. Food is a great ice-breaker and also a superb facilitator. Moreover, it is a caring friend. At least for me. 

Photos: cover image - Snezhanka salad and vegetable soup; text image - Ovcharska salad (Shepperd’s salad) with bob chorba/ bean soup served in a clay pot.

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