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Written by Detelina Palova, edited by Tamar Weisert, photos by Andrey Andreev Travel & Photography; Bulgarian On The Go; When Woman Travels; The Bulgarian History Podcast; Neverending Journey.


Today, we're bringing you some of the most inspiring, interesting, and passionate people we've seen on the internet, either based in Bulgaria or Bulgarians' writing content in English. Each of them has something unique to offer and will make you fall in love with the country, the world, or yourself. This is certainly not a comprehensive list, but we will be talking more about other bloggers and content creators in the future, so stay tuned! 

Now, let's dive into this curious, diverse group of people we've gathered, and allow them to inspire and ignite our passion for travel, life, and ourselves!



If you want to learn more about how to stay organized and lead an eco-friendly life in Bulgaria, as well as travel and lifestyle tips, this is the blog for you! It is hosted by the lovely Tsvetomira Ganeva, who has a passion for organizing, traveling, and meeting new people. She has a sunny smile and an interesting take on subjects that are worth exploring. She writes most of her articles in both Bulgarian and English, so no matter what language you're more comfortable with, she's got you covered.  

Bulgarian On The Go

If you have a passion for traveling in Bulgaria and abroad and love beautifully taken shots of each destination, you will most definitely enjoy this blog.

This is Lyubomira's carefully organized and curated corner of the internet. She is an Austrian-based Bulgarian student who shares her passion for traveling with the world through her blog. Whether you're going to Austria, Israel or Bulgaria, (and so many more locations), she's got you covered with tips, tricks, personal stories, and of course, wonderful photos of each and every destination. 

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When Woman Travels

Sadly, in some places of the world travel can be a bit more complicated for a woman. In this blog, you will find useful advice on how to handle travel on any continent, including Antarctica. This blog will inspire you, provide information even for solo travelers, and ignite your adventurous spirit. You can find out about local food, traditions and much more from around the world - from tasty Russian food to making Italian coffee at home. 

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Madame Bulgaria

The beautiful Marie Pietrzak hosts this blog. She is French-born, but moved to Bulgaria in 2012, after spending some time in the USA. The blog was born out of her love for Bulgaria.

Here, you can find lifestyle tips, beautiful places to visit, ideas to organize your trip, and so much more. Don't miss out - you'll find some lovely ideas on how to spend your time!

You can also read our interview with her here.


Mama Espanola en Bulgaria 

This blog is hosted by a Barcelona-born woman, who moved to Bulgaria to be closer to her husband's parents. You can see the love she has for her place of residence the moment you open her blog. If you're a Spanish speaker, this blog can help you get around, learn more about the amazing national food you can find here, and give you a feeling of overall enjoyment for this country and all its wonders.

You can read our interview with her here.


The Bulgarian History Podcast

For anyone interested in Bulgarian history, we've got just the thing for you! This is a podcast, where you can learn all you need to know about this fascinating country's past, dating back to the first Bulgarian empire. The episodes aren't too long, so you can easily play them while commuting and dive into the rich national past of the land we call home. The host - Eric, is USA-born, but fell in love with the history of Bulgaria and decided to pursue this interest. Over time, this showed him how massive this small country’s heritage is. From then on, he decided to embrace this passion, which in the end motivated the creation of the podcast.

You can read our interview with him here.

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Kashkaval Tourist

This blog is hosted by Todor, who has ventured far and wide, teaching English in Chilean Patagonia and undertaking a Master's degree in North Germany. He shares that his love for Bulgaria and the Balkans has always been strong and only got stronger with his travels. If you're looking for ideas on what to do and how to plan your trip around Bulgaria and other interesting destinations, this is the blog for you. He also has a useful map, where you can learn more about each place he's covered by clicking directly on the icon. If you're looking for a humorous, passion-filled approach to these topics, you will fall in love with this lovely blog.


Andrey Andreev Travel & Photography

This family-hosted blog combines a love of travel with a love of photography and wine. You will find some of the most beautiful shots of destinations in and around Bulgaria, which will get you excited for any upcoming trip you have planned. You will also find travel inspiration and guides to make your experience even more enjoyable.

This is the perfect blog for anyone looking for travel inspiration, tips, and a place to satisfy their love for photography. The Andreev family has a passion for what they do, which is contagious and will make you appreciate every single place they've shown through their lens in a new way.

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Neverending Journey

This is Veneta's blog, where she takes a more off the beaten path approach to traveling. She is a native Bulgarian, so she has some "insider" tips and tricks on exploring her beautiful native country in a new way. As she puts it, this is a destination for nature hikers and adventurers who want to dive into the history, mysticism, and breathtaking nature of Bulgaria. You'll receive travel inspiration and learn about centuries-old traditions, history, mysteries, and much more. If you want to visit and venture where tourism doesn't typically lead, to have a richer, more in-depth understanding of the Bulgarian historical past, this is the perfect place for you.

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The Magic of Traveling

This is another travel blog, but it's definitely not "just another travel blog." This is the place where Bistra and Nace share their passion for exploring the world, which will have you dreaming about exotic locations, experiences, and cultural richness.

They also offer resources for planning your trip, unique destinations like Tanzania, Kenya, and many more. One visit to their corner of the internet will have you daydreaming about the beauties of nature around the world. They also offer more information about how they planned some trips to unusual destinations, which can help you explore on your own. 


This is part one of our series, and if you've enjoyed the content – stay tuned and learn more about the inspiring people in Bulgaria! 

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