Bookstores of Sofia: Where to find books in English

Your dream library is just around the corner 

Written and photos by Veronika Zver, edited by Mila Boshnakova
Published 1 May, 2022

If someone had told me I didn’t have to buy all of my books abroad and desperately try to fit them into my luggage without exceeding the weight limit, I would have thanked them. Or at least my suitcase would’ve, anyway. 

In numerous bookstores in Sofia, true gems are often hidden from the eyes of passers-by. If you are just as eager to read books in their original versions, we have prepared a tour around the best bookstores with large ranges of books in English. 

Booktrading has a few locations around the city, with two main stand-alone stores in the city center. Just a few steps from the beautiful church of Sveti Sedmochislenitsi, Booktrading on ul. Graf Ignatiev 15 has an entire second floor dedicated to titles in their original English, with an exceptional team of employees who are always there to help you find what you’re looking for. 

This particular place is not just a bookstore, but a publishing house that also operates as an importer of books in English. Knigomania is a permanent representative of dozens of publishing houses around the world, having more than 40,000 original books in stock. Their store on bul. Vasil Levski 28 boasts a large display with various books peering at you behind the glass, inviting you to stop in.

Elephant Bookstore 
The true spirit of old movies and fantastic places, mixed with amazing music and friendly staff - the Elephant Bookstore is nothing like you have seen before. The vintage shop is perfect for unique, extraordinary gifts of any kind. It’s the perfect place for Harry Potter fans, as the shop is considered the Bulgarian home of all things related to the famous franchise. When it comes to books, it mostly specializes in limited editions and rare-to-find autographed copies. Check it out for a magical experience on ul. Tsar Ivan Shishman 31.  

Greenwich Book Center
Located in the heart of Sofia on Vitosha boulevard, this place is a dream come true, and I’ll tell you why. Not only is it a big bookstore with its own selection of books in English, but they also have a cozy coffee shop inside and a vibrant bar at the entrance. All you need to do is choose a book (a difficult task since they have quite a lot of them), grab a drink, and enjoy!   

I hope you have now added a new checkpoint to your weekend plans - visiting at least one of these bookstores. They won’t disappoint, pinky promise!

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