Our favorite places to view the sunset from in Bulgaria

The coast to the central regions, this country has many unique places to relax and enjoy the moment

Written and photos by Marta Valverde, edited by Olena Cytryna

The fact that one of the treasures of Bulgaria is its nature and its landscapes is nothing new. Across the country, from the seaside to the mountains, there are many great panorama views and hidden spots to discover. Not only are they the perfect “Instagrammable” photo spots, but also great places to enjoy an unforgettable and magical sunset from.

That's why we have made a compilation of some of those places and we wanted to share it with you. 

The top of the hill in Sozopol 

We know that summer is gone but the oldest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast has more attractions than just its beaches. Its ancient architecture, its art galleries, and what interests us here, its sunsets are just as attention-worthy. Fortunately, sunsets can be seen all year long. If you reach the upper part of the city, located on a hill above the old town, where you can find some interesting and cheap restaurants, you can enjoy a view like this.

How to get there: Sozopol is 30 kilometers from Burgas, so you can take a train and then a bus. The easiest way is to go by car though. Once in the city, you just need to reach the upper part located at the top of the hill. You can do that either by car (it’s easier to park in the “new” town) or on foot.

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The Pink Lake in Burgas

Just visiting this colorful lake, swimming in its salty waters, and stepping into the mineral-rich mud, will give lots of benefits to your body. But if you also want to take care of your non-physical self and achieve deep peace of mind, you must go there during the golden hour at the end of the day.

How to get there: Once in Burgas, if you feel like walking, it is a very pleasant one-hour walk along Maritime Avenue. If not, you can take a taxi from the center or drive your car as there is a parking spot right by the lake. 

The Danube River in Ruse

The Danube, where it passes through Ruse, Bulgaria's fifth-largest city, offers one of the most special sunsets that you can enjoy in this country. Sitting on its shore and watching the sun going down in Romania, on the opposite side of the river, is a totally truly impressive experience. You can see the most beautiful sunsets in the late summer and early autumn. The pier area has been renovated and is well lit. The Danube Bridge in Ruse connects the Bulgarian bank to the south with the Romanian bank to the north and the city of Giurgiu. 

How to get there: The best options to reach Ruse from Sofia are going by train or by car. Once in the city, just follow the river and choose your place at the shore. 

The Megalith of Buzovgrad

Moving on to the central parts of Bulgaria, this rock formation located at the top of the hill in Buzovgrad, a small town 7 kilometers from Kazanlak, is another unique location to visit. It even has a window through which to watch the sunset. In fact, it was made exactly for that purpose by the Thracians. For the ancient inhabitants of Bulgaria, the sunrise symbolized birth, and the sunset death and reincarnation. So for the Thracians, the megalith represented something like the "Door to the Other World".

How to get there: From Kazanlak to Buzovgrad, you can take a bus or go by car. It takes about 10 minutes. Then, just follow the signs to the megalith (it is low-level hiking).

“The View” at Tulbeto Park in Kazanlak

There is a reason why this “secret” place in the biggest park of Kazanlak is called that way… Can you guess why? Exactly! Because it offers the most splendid view. This viewpoint is our last proposal (for now) for where to enjoy the sunsets in Bulgaria. 

How to get there: Once you are in Kazanlak, just go to Tulbeto Park. To reach the exact spot, you must walk to the highest point in the park, located at the top of the hill, and then get off the main path. In any case, it is best to ask a local once you're there since it's a little bit tricky (either way, the worst thing that can happen to you is getting lost in this beautiful park).

6-The-View-scaled-e1603139056234.jpg (1919×1627)

Nebet Tepe in Plovdiv

During the warmer months, you can head up Nebet Tepe and watch a stunning sunset. Lots of locals head up there too as they know how spectacular it is, and there is nothing quite like watching the sun set over a city.

How to get there: Head to the old city of Plovdiv and find the tourist information center on "Doctor Stoyan Chomakov" street. You will be at a T-intersection, go left and follow the road all the way up.

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