Most beautiful views of Sofia from rooftops

Here is where you can see Sofia from above

Written by Ilina Stanimirova, edited by Lindsay Martin, photo by Networking Premium Coworking and Ilina Stanimirova.


Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, is a very old city with construction starting with the hands of the Romans. There are many buildings in Sofia that differ in architectural style and age that make a stroll downtown colorful and unique. Despite the growth, Sofia is not a “tall” city in the sense of being a skyscraper jungle. However, there are a few tall viewpoints where you can see the diversity of Sofia from above. In this article, we will list some of them.


Bars and restaurants

Ozone Skybar and Lounge 

This is a newly opened bar on the 29th floor of Grand Hotel Millenium Sofia. The bar offers a gorgeous view of Sofia and if you go there at night, you will witness the beauty of small blinking lights coming from the moving cars and the windows of many homes and offices across Sofia. 

Restaurant “Pri Orlite” (With the Eagles)

“Pri Orlite” or “with the eagles” in English, is a restaurant that offers an amazing panoramic view of Sofia. You can see Vitosha and the sparkling golden domes of St. Aleksandar Nevski Cathedral while enjoying a meal with the company or by yourself. 

The Corner 

Situated in Lozenets, this piano bar & dinner offers a green view of Vitosha and a diverse landscape of the different rooftops of residential buildings and houses. You can visit the bar for a tasty lunch or go to one of their live music nights offered at least once a week. Check out their Facebook page for updated info on their menus, live events, and private parties.

Hotel Sense Rooftop Bar 

Another hotel rooftop bar is the one at Hotel Sense, which is situated right on boulevard “Tsar Osvoboditel.” With a view of the parliament, St. “Alexander Nevsky” cathedral accompanied by the warm color of the yellow pave stones.


IMG_0902-scaled.jpg (2560×1920)

If you are looking for cool aesthetics and art

Swimming Pool Gallery 

This gallery is in the heart of Sofia and is, truly, a hidden gem. What used to be an apartment on the top 5th floor of an old residential building was fully transformed into a modern art gallery. The rooftop patio of the gallery has an empty pool and a terrace with a wonderful view of Vitosha and Sofia’s city center. You can enjoy the art inside and the architectural art outside of some of Sofia’s emblematic buildings. This space is also available to rent for private parties or events.


Venue idea

Networking Premium Coworking space 

If you want to rent a modern rooftop venue in Sofia, then Networking Premium is the choice for you. Their venues are perfect for seminars and cocktail parties and will definitely make your guests feel like A-list celebrities. The Networking Premium venue on Rakovska offers a great rooftop for hosting your events.


For a view of Sofia outside of the city


As we have mentioned in previous articles, Sofia is a unique European capital with a mountain overlooking the city. Kopitoto is a high viewpoint in Vitosha from where you can see a gorgeous view of the city. You can reach the location by car and enjoy the scenic view by day or night. 


Bistrishko Shose

This is another location outside the big city that gives you a great view from above. Similar to Kopitoto, Bistrishko Shose is a road in Vitosha that leads to Bistritsa. There are spots along the road where you can stop and enjoy the view, or you can enjoy it while driving. This location was even used by film students from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts to recreate the “Lovely Night” scene from “La La Land”.

We hope this article showed you some new exciting places in Sofia to enjoy the beauty of the city from above.

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