Where to buy second-hand online?

Here we have listed some thrifty suggestions for you

Written by Ilina Stanimirova, edited by Tamar Weisert, photo by Anastasiia Dehtiarova.

Quarantine has caused many shops to close. However, some of us still want to buy new clothes, books or furniture. Buying second-hand can be beneficial to the environment and your wallet. This is why in this article we have decided to list some second-hand online shops where you can buy clothing and other items.

Firstly, here are a few suggestions for online second-hand clothing stores you can check out:


Mania is one of the biggest second-hand shop chains in the country. They offer a wide variety of second-hand clothing in stores and online. Currently, the website is only available in Bulgarian. The website offers many discount codes and happy hours for shopping. Delivery: Free for orders over 80.00 Leva, otherwise, 4.00 Leva with Speedy to office or address.


Remix is another second-hand clothing chain with a website where you can browse for clothes. The Remix.bg website is only available in Bulgarian. Similar to Mania, the website has happy hours for shopping and offers discount codes. Delivery: Free for orders containing at least one product over 70 Leva, otherwise, 4.29 Leva to a Speedy office or 4.49 Leva to address.

If you are interested in buying from smaller clothes shops, you can turn to:


Nowadays, there are Instagram shops that sell clothes, shoes, and accessories online. This is a convenient way to browse for second-hand clothes and connect with the seller to ask them about the items you want to buy. Usually, the seller is open to tell you details about the condition of the clothing or share a story about the garment – it’s a small, but appreciative interaction during the quarantine.

Here are some Instagram accounts to look at:
Outlets: @klekshop, @barakata2
Second-hand: @desetotdeset (every item is 10lv!), @bananna.style (Facebook store – banAnna)


Frea is mostly an online shop, although they sometimes host pop-up events in Sofia. They sell second-hand clothing at reasonable prices, and they work with Speedy for delivery. You can follow them on social media to keep up to date with their sales and any possible future pop-up events.


Modeteka (the fashion library) is a store that sells vintage clothes and also offers them to rent. You can buy second-hand clothing from high-end brands at this shop. Furthermore, for a monthly subscription to their website, you can rent new high-fashion clothes to wear and then return in the same condition - they pay for the laundry!

If you are not on the lookout for clothes, these are places where you can find a variety of second-hand items.

Facebook Marketplace

On Facebook Marketplace, you can find anything from furniture to mobile phones. This way of shopping allows for social interaction with the seller. Furthermore, this is a cheap way to buy things like furniture or electronics in good condition. 


Bazar offers a wide variety of used furniture, electronics, and books. The site resembles a social media platform. To shop, you will need an account. You can contact the seller via message or mobile phone to talk about the items.


OLX is another website where you can find new and used items. Like Bazar.bg, you need to register an account, and you can message the seller.

Disclaimer: When you use these websites, you should be wary of frauds and shady sellers. We advise you always to stay cautious and talk with the seller before buying an item, so you are sure you are not being scammed.


Buying second-hand is cheap, environmentally friendly, and lets you help local businesses. There are many ways to shop second-hand online. As some lockdown rules ease down, you can always visit your local second-hand stores or swap clothes with friends and family. Some local NGOs also organize events like Student Aid Drop, who did a ‘Thrift and Chill’ event in February.

Finally, here are a couple of informative sources about Fast Fashion and second-hand shopping:
What are Fast Fashion brands doing during the pandemic?

Benefits of buying second-hand. 

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