Our great foodie adventure

From brunch to cocktails - Varna has loads to offer

Written and photos by Anastasiia Dehtiarova, edited by Scott Green

Ah, the seaside! Sun and cold lemonade at the beach, lush green parks, and the sounds of dance music emanating from every corner. 

At the beginning of the summer, our team wandered the streets of the rich and exciting Varna, discovering some incredible places where the sweet tooths and foodies among us can come to satisfy our taste buds.

When you're outside, exploring a new city, you probably don’t want to cook all the time, if at all. Luckily Varna offers great options for any kind of diet and food preference. 

Brunch, Coffee, and Tea

43.12 Café
A stylish and popular brunch place offering delicious food and exceptional coffee - they even have their own roastery! Go for any, or all, eggs benedict and pancakes, cappuccino, and lemonade, you can even walk upstairs and soak in the chill vibe of this seaside city.  Many people bring their laptops here, me included. I love working in cafés, and the design and atmosphere here gives you an extra creativity boost!  The staff speak perfect English and are very friendly.  Keep in mind that brunch is served until 16:00.
ul. "Preslav" 15, 9000 Varna Center, Varna

43.12 Cafe - Meal
Jasmin Coffee Roastery

This small café offers tons of delicious flavors of tea and coffee and has the potential to overwhelm you with all the options. Sitting at the tiny table on the sidewalk, sipping a fruity Chinese tea blend and observing the passersby - what can be more relaxing? 
ul. "Preslav" 28, 9000 Greek Neighborhood, Varna

The Social Teahouse
I loved this place for its mission, coziness, and beautiful design. This tea house employs youth coming from foster homes, with the idea to provide them with support and employment. The staff are kind and attentive, their menu varies daily and they have great knowledge of the variety of tea they offer. You can also bring your laptop if you like an atmosphere of a welcoming home to accompany your working sessions. 
ul. "Preslav" 53, 9000 Varna Center, Varna


The Sea Terrace
Overlooking the sea and the shore with its sparkling lights at night, this place offers delicious food and an elegant but casual atmosphere.  Here I ate the best seafood risotto ever! Their baba ganoush and fish soup impressed me and my friends enough to come back again.  It might be wise to reserve a table for evenings, especially on the weekends. 
9000 Primorski, Varna

Marché Restaurant
This French bistro is a great choice for lovers of fine dining. The restaurant is a part of the Horizont complex, hidden in the greenery of the Sea Garden. Treat yourself to this experience of rich food, elegant design, and pleasant music. Their seafood, focaccia, and desserts are exceptional! 
Sea Garden, complex Horizont, 9000 Varna

Captain Cook
This restaurant is on the higher end of the price range, with its tasteful design, live music, and freshly caught seafood brought to your plate. We loved their spicy fish soup, salad with grilled Spanish red pepper, and fried calamari. They even offer sugar-free desserts!  Located in the Port area, it offers a beautiful view if you sit outside, you might even see some celebrities here. 
Sea Port, 9000 Varna

Cherry by Mary - Coffee and Cake


Cherry by Mary Sweets & Eats
It's hard to beat their rich selection of desserts for any kind of diet: they offer keto, lactose, and gluten-free cakes, together with some of the most beautiful and rich cakes and pastry for omnivores. The spacious hall is big enough to accommodate a large group, and the elegant design and delightful lounge music make for a refreshing experience, perfect for a first date. Next to the Cafe, you can find an art gallery Graffit for those who like to combine pleasure and education. 
bul. "Knyaz Boris I" 65, 9000 Varna Center, Varna

Ice Cream Sladoria
Our founder Giuseppe, who knows a thing or two about proper Italian ice cream, recommended this gelateria, and it was worth it! This small shop offers a great choice of flavors, from several types of chocolate and fruit to salted caramel and panettone. My favorite for summer is a scoop of yogurt with berries and a scoop of mint. 
bul. "Slivnitsa" 10, 9000 Varna Center, Varna


Kultura Speakeasy Bar
Speakeasy bars are by design hard to find and it becomes an adventure to get in. This one is also tricky because you don't see the entrance right away. My tip: when you are at the address, lookup for the small writing above the door, and figure out the rest.  This place only serves cocktails, which are delicious.  The design is a bit dungeon-like because it's dark and mysterious. Give it a try! 
ul. "Dragoman" 25 str, 9000 Varna Center, Varna

The Martini Food & Cocktails - Drink
The Martini Food & Cocktails

A great choice of cocktails and alcohol, with attentive staff. They also serve food which we didn't try hence are unable to give an opinion on. The serving is also entertaining because each cocktail has its own special glass. This bar is located further from the busy center and the seaside area and can be a calm and refreshing place to meet locals and hear Bulgarians speak. 
ul. "Nikola Mihaylovski" 24, 9002 Center, Varna

Varna was entertaining, fun, and full of great places to see and try. We are already planning our trip back with the team!  Have we missed anything? Help us explore the city better next time!

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