English-language yoga and meditation classes in Sofia

Most yoga studios around the world offer a collection of similar classes, Hatha, Ashtanga, Yoga for beginners, and so forth.

Written by Lina Jarad, edited by Lindsay Martin, photos by Anastasiia Dehtiarova.

Note: with current quarantine situations, all gyms and yoga studios are closed until further notice. While the asanas - the body movements done in yoga, could be the same, the style, rhetoric, and focus of each teacher could be different, thus understanding the language they use could prove to be very beneficial. Besides, you won’t have to keep looking up to follow the moves. When it comes to meditation -unless it’s vipassana, language is crucial in understanding the philosophy and the technique used, or the guidance of the lead in a visualization meditation. The list below provides names of studios, which offer courses in English, as well as the schedules and some selected class listings. Make sure to regularly check the timetables in case of schedule changes or call the studio directly before going to the location. Look for English writing amongst the Bulgarian to find the relevant courses.

Art of Living (Several Locations)

Happiness Program

Santosha Yoga (Dondukov)

Weekly Classes in English:

Tuesday & Thursday 12:30-1:30 PM Relaxation Yoga by Achyutananda

Special events in English:


Event Page


Urban Yoga (Rakovski Street)

English classes weekday evenings and Saturday noon by Maria

Studio Page

Vipassana Bulgaria (Changing Location)

Meditation Courses

Yoga District Amara (Vitoshka Street)

Weekly Classes in English:

Tuesday 5:20-6:20 PM Yoga in English

Thursday 5:10-6:10 PM Yoga in English

Wednesday and Friday 9:00-10:00 AM Hatha Yoga

Sunday 3:00-4:20 PM Hatha Yoga

Schedule on WebsiteFacebook Link

Yoga District Shazam (European Union Metro)

Weekly Classes in English:

Monday 5:40-6:45 PM - Vinyasa Yoga by Richard

Wednesday 6:00-7:15 PM - Helios Yoga by Mika

Special Meditation Events by Lina

Schedule on Website (look for the English titles)

Facebook Page

Yoga Tree Bulgaria (Lozenetz) Weekly Classes in English by Vessela:

Monday 6:30 PM- Soft Hatha Flow

Thursday 8:00 PM- Yin Yang Flow of Love

Website Page

Facebook Page

Yoga Vibe Sofia (Several Locations)

Special events in English

Website Page

Facebook Page

Zen Vibe (Changing Location)

Meditation and Mindfulness sessions and workshops.

Facebook Page

The studios are listed alphabetically. Please note that classes could change, so make sure to always check the websites and Facebook event pages, as well as calling the studios directly to confirm if the classes are available. I am sure we’ve missed many studios and classes, so stay tuned as we gather additional info! Namaste.

Open Bulgaria thanks Yoga District Shazam for the photos taken in their studio.

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