Our favorite restaurants for meat lovers that deliver now

Meat is the world to some people, just like healthy food is a religion to others

Written by Minka Paraskevova, edited by Lindsay Martin, photo by Ekaterina Totina.


Here, we find grilled meat, the nitty-gritty of Bulgarian cuisine.

Skara Bar stands out in the Sofia food scene. Skara in Bulgarian means grill or BBQ, which says it all. Here you find quality products, a good atmosphere, and an excellent selection of wines. All salads and starters are vegetarian. It is open every day from 8:00-18:30 for take-away.

Second on the list is Skapto, a chain of burger bars. They offer tasty burgers and beers in a comfortable setting. You only need to bring your friends to complete the circle of joy. You can order by phone for free home delivery every day from 11:30-21:30.

Gourmet burger fans will find their bliss with Boom!Burgers. This Lithuanian business imports Irish beef to prepare their funky burgers and succulent steaks, all served with a side of hand-cut fries. You can order home delivery every weekday from 12:00-16:00.

The House of Ribs specializes, as the name suggests, in pork ribs. They mainly offer BBQ, Texas, and Asian style ribs, however, you can also find chicken options. It is open every day from 10:00-21:30 for take-away or home delivery. 

Lastly, why not join the brotherhood of smoked pulled pork ribs at Ribs Brothers, a small restaurant in a central location? Ribs Brothers is not shy about turning any meat into a treat. Check out their fab menu. It is open from 12:00-23:00 for home deliveries only.

Looking for more options? Here's our selection of restaurants for vegetarians and vegans and just everyone that either deliver or are open for take away.

Photo: Kufteta (meatballs) with lutenitca (red pepper and tomato spread) and potatoes.

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