A love letter to our Founder Giuseppe

From all Open Sofia Team, happy birthday!

By Open Sofia Team.


Today The Father of our community is celebrating his birthday! Giuseppe Di Benedetto, one of the most dedicated, generous, and outgoing people we know, has been of tremendous support for many people living in and out of Bulgaria.

With passion, Giuseppe drives the community of Foreigners in Sofia & Friends. He gathered wonderful people around and inspired them to shape and grow the beautiful international community, the largest one in Bulgaria. Together with many devoted contributors, he has managed to create a virtual hometown for people to experience the true power of community and a sense of togetherness. 

Giuseppe never sleeps, backstage he moderates the group and guides the Open Sofia team as a good parent would do. A visionary leader, he inspires to follow his vision and keeps his team motivated with great care and love. Giuseppe is able to see the positive in every life situation through humor and playfulness and is eager to teach them to us. He has high standards and great ambition towards the Open Sofia project and we wish him the best of luck with it and to keep up the good work. 

We appreciate your kindness, joyfulness, and wisdom to guide us through these sometimes uneasy days we all live now.


Thank you, Giuseppe, for being with us!


Open Sofia Team