Meet Georgi Hristov, Open Sofia’s Writer and Photographer

Our resourceful writer and photographer shares his story from overseas

Written and photos by Georgi Hristov, edited by Lindsay Martin

How did I end up in the Open Sofia team? I had an idea for a YouTube series involving Foreigners living in Sofia. It just so happened that me and Giuseppe were colleagues, so when I presented this idea to him, he invited me to join the first Open Sofia meeting. I immediately liked the staff and everything fit in nicely.

Currently, I live with my wife in Paris. Everything is different and alike at the same time. A positive for me is that while Sofia is a big city with lots of people, everything seems more reachable. Reaching destinations in Sofia is faster than doing so in Paris. A negative about Sofia is the congested traffic. Hey, I am not saying Paris doesn't have traffic, but Sofia is definitely more congested! Another thing that I like about Sofia is - SOFIA IS SAFE! In the night, in the day - Sofia is a very safe city.

While Sofia is very European now, you better get used to seeing the big apartment building, western Europeans call “Towers”. These communist style buildings are almost everywhere.

One thing I want to remind people is that Sofia is not only the city center! Sofia has a lot of neighborhoods, most of them different from each other.

I would consider moving back to Bulgaria, yes. If I can keep my current job in Paris, while living in Sofia, wouldn't that be bombastic?! Anywho, I didn’t move to Paris because of a job. In Sofia, I had one of the greatest jobs that ever existed. 

I would advise anyone planning to move here to come to Sofia, spend 1 year living here. I guarantee you will meet the best people in life. A great advice though is to avoid Vitosha! We have plenty of good streets to spend your time on. 

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