A Movie Night that makes a difference

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Written by Dobrinka Boeva, edited by Lindsay Martin.


Ever since we were children, going to the movies has always been an exciting event. From the moment we enter the theater, the smell of popcorn, the quiet chattering of the crowd anticipating the first scenes, then being absorbed in an imaginary world. The magic of the movies creates a special experience all the way through. But going to the movies is not just a way to spend a couple of hours with friends after work or during the weekend. Movies can send powerful messages that touch our hearts and change our perception of the world. 


Not just the regular Movie Night

Being aware of how impactful movies are, the Open Sofia Foundation would like to invite you to Open Movie Nights, which are not just a regular evening spent in a movie theater. During an Open Movie Night, expect to participate in a different and more engaging experience:

  • Space. Instead of a theater, you will enjoy a cozy space where you can relax and feel at home. Sit wherever you want, make yourself comfortable, and chill. And yeah, popcorn’s still available! 
  • The movies. You will watch not just the usual Hollywood blockbusters, but movies that can bring a different perspective to your life, raise awareness, feed your curiosity, or bring your attention to matters you may have never considered important. Themes can vary from entrepreneurship to the impact of social networks, or mindfulness and mental health. 
  • The audience. Expect to become part of a community and engage in a vibrant discussion about the movie you have just watched together. We encourage you to bring your friends as well!  


Connect, discuss, and make a difference

The ultimate goal of Open Movie Nights is to connect people and make a difference in our lives. As part of the movie night, you can share your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and experiences inspired by the movie. This way, not only can you widen your horizons, but you can also find like-minded souls, make friends, and create opportunities for personal and professional growth. As a bonus, if you are at a home office like many people are nowadays and miss social interaction, it’s an excellent way to socialize. 

To give you some examples, during the first-ever Open Movie Night, we watched Generation Startup, a documentary movie about entrepreneurship. It provided valuable insights into successful startups, and all the sweat and tears involved behind the scenes. After the movie ended, people who are part of actual startups connected with each other. For others who have never been part of a startup, the movie provided real-life examples of what entrepreneurship really feels like and the amount of effort and dedication it takes to make it successful. 

The second Open Movie Night was dedicated to The Social Dilemma, which brings awareness about how social networks actually work, the risks of using them, as well as the negative effects they have on society. All brought to you by the same people, who developed these social networks! The movie triggered a lively discussion about how to reduce the potential negative effects of social media not only on our own lives, but to society as a whole. Also it was pleasant to see both new and familiar faces. 


We are open to your suggestions and feedback

Yes, we want to hear from you about the movies or themes you would like to watch. If you have already participated in an Open Movie Night, we are open to hear about your feedback concerning anything that we can change to make your experience even better.  

You can contact us at the Open Sofia Foundation Facebook page, or write to us at [email protected]. We also have a WhatsApp group for the regulars. 


See you during the next Open Movie Night

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