How to communicate with your soul

Our friends at "Mystery – Art and Healing Center" reveal their secrets

Written by Kristina Petkova, edited by Scott Green, photos by Pixabay

Picture yourself in a magical and mysterious place, a place where you can connect to your deeper self, expressing yourself vividly and freely, expanding more and more every time. This place exists and is called “Mystery – Art and Healing Center”. 

We are Desislava and Kristina, the people standing behind the "Mystery – Art and Healing Center". Desislava is a mechanical engineer and Kristina was working in the financial field for many years. But both of us knew that these vocations were not in alignment with our souls. We weren’t feeling as if living our true mission, our true destiny. 

How did we get here?

We noticed many blockages, hardships, and life just wasn’t flowing as smoothly as it should have been. We knew that we should live in abundance in all spheres of our lives, but it wasn’t exactly happening; instead, we were experiencing frustration and anxiety. We went through our own inner processes of admitting this and have started living in alignment with our true selves, with our higher purpose. We started by admitting that we were living our small story, the one that is not revealing our true potential. It took several years, but we quit our 9 to 5 jobs, letting go of the false sense of stability they provided, now we live freely and in line with our true selves. Upon seeing the fruits of this transformation we realized there is no turning back.

During our journeys, we had access to many spiritual tools, including meditation and art. Our true belief is that all humans come to this world with a unique mission and gifts. To live our lives fully every one of us needs to find our own mission, our own purpose, and to share it with our community by practicing it. Next, you’ll probably ask how you can do this! The answer is quite simple, you just need to learn how to communicate with your soul! Our soul knows what our true passions and gifts are, we just need to find them, master them, and share them with our communities. Unfortunately, all too often the voice of our soul is suppressed by many other voices - those of our parents, families, society, and culture. Luckily we are here to help you find, and express your true self.

What is important to Human Nature

We, as humans, consist of the trinity mind, body, and spirit. In Western societies, it is very easy to focus on the first two and neglect our spirit. But if we live our lives by constantly listening to our soul, we would live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. The aim of the "Mystery - Art and Healing Center" is to provide people with the tools needed to have this communication.

We don’t want to cite all the scientific data and facts, we will simply add that by practicing meditation and visualization we allow ourselves to connect with our true desires. Many people picture the healing process as long and painful, we want to show you that it is not mandatory for a healing process to be hard, on the contrary – our methods are very mild and gentle. 

Our events are proof that a magical energy connection between people can exist, a connection that is not based on hate, competition, or comparison. It is not a religious community, because no religion is considered a base, we believe in the higher power and everyone can call it as they wish – the Universe, God, etc. 

By living in alignment with this higher power we can also communicate with our souls and live our true mission. We also believe in the connection to nature and that we humans slowly have forgotten this healing relationship. We are nature but we have alienated ourselves by living in urban areas, slowly destroying the planet Earth, the only home we have. 

Relearning how to live in harmony with nature and ourselves

In our center, we want to establish a community of like-minded people. Especially during the current situation, we’ve noticed that many people are suffering from mental issues such as depression because of the lack of social interaction. People are social creatures, and as such, we need a constant feeling of belonging to a group of other people. 

The above reasons and more are what has inspired us to:
- hold free online events combining art, writing, meditation, and visualization;
- organize spiritual rituals;
- honor the cycles of the moon and use the power that this celestial body is generating in its different phases;
- hold heart sharing circles;
- introduce the healing power of nature and herbs.

We hold a safe space in which people can share their experiences and journeys knowing that they would be supported and not judged by others. Our events aim to introduce healing through art and meditative practices. It is scientifically proven that by practicing meditation people have enormous benefits for their physical and mental health. 

How can you participate

For the time being our events would be held online, in English, and be foreigner-friendly. We already held a wonderful event honoring the New Moon in Scorpio using guided meditation and the tools of art therapy to release all the behavioral patterns, emotional cords, and energy that is no longer serving us and to invite new, fresh, and potent energy into our lives. We were inspired by all the topics the astrological sign of Scorpio is connected to; such as transformation, death, rebirth, money, power, taboos. 

There was a lot of interest in our first event and among the participants, there were Bulgarians but also people from the Czech Republic, Cyprus, and Malta. In the future, we would also love to introduce feminine programs –programs designed especially for women- such as connection and acceptance of our feminine nature, women’s circle, and discussion of topics such as relationships. Very important topics that unfortunately no one teaches us about at school. 

Our physical center is now under construction and we expect it to be ready by Summer next year. Until then we would love to see you during our initiatives published on our Facebook group. Don’t stop expanding yourselves, living your big true life story!

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