Happy New Year, and thank you for being with us

The Open Bulgaria family gives you our warmest of gratitude

Written with love and appreciation by the Open Bulgaria family

We would like to begin this article with a simple quote from the famous author, Stephen King “Don't let the sun go down without saying thank you to someone, and without admitting to yourself that absolutely no one gets this far alone.”

We started with this quote because recently we realized that Open Bulgaria, part of the Open Sofia Foundation has come a long way in under two years. But we realized that we haven’t properly thanked all of you -our readers- for without you we couldn’t have grown so quickly, we wouldn’t be who we are today.

It is you out there reading our articles who have supported and encouraged us to continue. You have driven us to dream bigger dreams, to strive for greater quality content as well as a wider array of articles about everything and everywhere in Bulgaria. We here at Open Bulgaria give you our biggest, and warmest of gratitude for following and supporting us. Thank you so very much.

This year my energy was directed at completely changing the look and feel of our website to make it simpler, more beautiful, and readable with a focus on our readers, to create a pleasant experience while browsing our website. Indeed though, none of this would have been possible or even made any sense if there was no community of people who care and find what we do useful. Our greatest reward is seeing that you -our readers- are reading, sharing, commenting, giving feedback, donating, and even requesting content, I personally thank all of you for that. This is proof of the value that we're creating as a team of the Open Sofia Foundation for our community. 
- Agi, Lead Project Manager
In the summer of 2020 when I joined the Open Sofia Foundation as a content writer, I always questioned myself, “Am I worth being called a writer?” Written words have weight, it's a responsibility that you represent and how you share your thoughts. It’s a path I’ve decided to walk, and without you, our dedicated readers, I would never have been able to grow and develop myself. 

I am thankful for all your feedback, your ideas, and most importantly your passion for Bulgaria. I wish your 2022 to be as enthusiastic as always. Don't hesitate to approach us with your ideas, we love working with all of you!
- Anna, Content Writer
Being a writer for Open Bulgaria has been very inspirational for me, the idea that through my articles I can help foreigners with practical tips and information about how to settle in the country. What’s more, making life easier for someone who has just arrived in Bulgaria, or even a local who needs help or simple support is what keeps me motivated to continue writing. I am thankful to all of you, our readers, for the love you show and the continuous support you give us through your likes, comments, and messages. 
- Claudia, Content Writer
I am grateful not only to all our team members - without them nothing would be possible! - but also to all our readers. You have been our support, our critics, and our contributors. Everyone who’s ever helped answer a question in Foreigners in Sofia and Friends, or given us information and resources to share with the rest of the community, we love and appreciate you and give you our gratitude. We appreciate the time you spend on our website and your dedication to spreading the word and making Bulgaria an even more welcoming and colorful place!
- Ana, Co-founder, Marketing & Partnership Director

Happy New Year
We wish you all the best and hope that the year to come holds many great treasures for us all.
Be safe and have fun

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