PMI Bulgaria Chapter, Project Management Awards

Open Sofia Foundation, a finalist for Project Team Of The Year

Written by Scott Green, photo by PMI Bulgaria 

In a truly exciting turn of events, the Open Sofia Foundation is a finalist for the Project Team of the Year in the 2023 PM Awards. These awards are organized by the Bulgarian Chapter of the Project Management Institute and are aimed at recognizing outstanding projects and organizations that demonstrate exemplary project management practices. This nomination serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment of the Open Sofia Foundation’s (OSF) team in supporting the international community in Bulgaria through its various initiatives.

At the heart of OSF’s remarkable journey lies its dedicated team, whose tireless efforts have transformed the lives of countless individuals. The foundation's dedication to their cause, coupled with their unwavering commitment, has made them a shining beacon within the non-profit sector.

One initiative that has garnered widespread recognition is the Facebook group "Foreigners in Sofia & Friends." This vibrant online community has brought together people from different backgrounds and fostered a sense of belonging and support. Through the group, OSF has provided valuable information, advice, and a platform for individuals to connect and share their experiences. By creating a safe and welcoming space, the OSF has played a pivotal role in easing the transition for newcomers and promoting cultural exchange.

Another of OSF's most recognizable initiatives is, which has been instrumental in providing comprehensive information, events, and services tailored to foreigners and international Bulgarians. This innovative platform has empowered individuals to explore the richness of Bulgarian culture, navigate bureaucratic challenges, and connect with like-minded individuals. The Open Sofia Foundation's visionary approach has bridged gaps and enhanced integration, strengthening the international community's presence within Bulgaria.

This nomination for the PMI Awards 2023 is a well-deserved recognition for the Open Sofia Foundation's team members, who have consistently demonstrated their professionalism and dedication to their cause. Their passion for project management has been evident in every aspect of their work, from meticulous planning to the seamless execution of their initiatives. Thank you OSF team.

We also want to thank you, our audience, as you have all helped us too. Whether that’s by viewing our website, attending our events, or just posing questions and requests to us that give us a better understanding of how we can help everyone in Bulgaria, you have helped us grow. Thank you

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