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Building Businesses in the Old City

Written by Scott Green, edited by Andrea Vushkova, photo by Synergy Bulgaria

Creativity isn’t exactly something that waits for the perfect moment, it just is, and as the great Maya Angelou once said “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” This is the philosophy of creative people, it’s in their every waking moment, creativity never stops. And is this not true for Plovdiv in general? The city that is always creating, the next host of our next Story.Me Business series.

In the upcoming Business Edition of the Story.Me series, organized by Synergy Bulgaria, Open Bulgaria, and Networking Premium, we take you to the 2019 Capital of Culture and present you with three creative cogent entrepreneurs who will share their stories about forging their path in the Old City, how their creative spirit guided them, and what endeavors are in their future.

Date: 29 September at 19:00
Venue: Networking Premium - Plovdiv. Ulitsa “Rayko Daskalov” 19.
Entrance: Free, registration required
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Melissa and Todor
Melissa is a 28-year-old Peruvian of Japanese descent. She first graduated in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management in Lyon, France, and went on to do a degree in Restaurant Management in her home country of Peru.

They met in a Michelin restaurant in Napa Valley, California; and soon after decided to open their first restaurant in Plovdiv since it's Todor’s home city. Their first restaurant is Tams House (an acronym for Todor and Melissa's house), a friendly concept with author's cuisine in the heart of the Kapana district. 

Since then they have opened another two restaurants, Multi Culti, providing a casual environment focusing on brunch, tapas, and cocktails. And their third restaurant is Valere (named after their first daughter), in partnership with the residence Hotel Vizualiza offering high-end cuisine with a fine dining experience.

Ana is the founder and CEO of the HighStreet brand: Highstreet Magazine and Highstreet Creative Agency.  She is a media entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, and producer.  

She has many years of experience in creating and developing projects and business ventures abroad. She ran a successful production company in Manhattan, a boutique property management company, and a luxury tourism magazine in Barcelona. Now in Bulgaria, she has started a bilingual media and full-service digital marketing agency. 

Steven Simpson
When Steven was 22 he moved from Scotland to Los Angeles to work for the legendary Roger Corman's Concorde Pictures. Soon after going to the US, he returned to Scotland with some of Corman's crew to shoot TIES, his first feature film, which he wrote, produced, directed, edited, and financed through the company he created, Roaring Fire Films. 

Steven has since worked on over 30 films, some of which have addressed deeper cultural issues, creating a median for these issues to be addressed. He was approached by author Kent Nerburn to create a film adaption of his best-selling Native American novel “Neither Wolf Nor Dog” which Hollywood had dubbed “the great unmade contemporary native novel.” Steven created it and released it with great success.

Now he is in Plovdiv, and working on two films with some great local talent.

We hope you are ready for an inspiring evening of listening to these enthusiastic creatives and how they are building businesses. How having a strong will and creative mindset are two of the greatest things, not only in the world of business but in life in general. We look forward to meeting you all on 29 September at Networking Premium for a night of creative conviction.

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