From fitted jeans to wedding dresses

Visit Seyar New Brand, a socially conscious clothing shop

Written by Istvan Bus, edited by Scott Green, photos by Seyar New Brand

Are you getting drained from not finding a pair of jeans that fit? Or are you fed up with the expensive yet low-quality clothing options? Instead of running in circles, you could have a tailor who makes them for you – and you could also make the world a better place all in one fell swoop.

Seyar New Brand works with experienced dressmakers who can take your measurements and sew the right garments, or any piece of clothing for a reasonable price. They work with high-quality materials and can bring any of your textile dreams to life. The company was founded by Silsila Mahboub, who explains to us how it all started and what they do.

Happiness in silk and cashmere
Silsila is from Afghanistan, received refugee status years ago, and is doing well. She continued her studies in Sofia, learned Bulgarian reasonably well, which she showcases from time to time for various media outlets when asked about her country. However, being full of energy, all this is not enough for her; she wishes to help those refugees who are less fortunate.

Finding a job abroad may be challenging, especially for people who need some support for starting a new life in a new place. Political exiles swim against the tide of several issues that make it harder for them to obtain employment. Seyar New Brand aims to ease exactly this process and works with refugees who have experience with sewing.

But why did Silsila choose the clothing industry?
Many people ask me this question. My first thought was to open a restaurant but it is not exactly my interest. I love cooking though, but I wanted something more tangible. I wished to touch and feel on the tips of my fingers what I have in my imagination,” says Silsila.

Her company currently has 2 full-time and one part-time employee, their most popular products are custom-made jeans and coats but they receive orders for party dresses every so often.

So how can I get my clothes done?
Pretty simple: you just need to visit their shop at bul. "Jawaharlal Neru" 29, 1336 zh.k. Lyulin 6, Sofia, discuss your ideas with Silsila or her colleagues and make an order. You can check the materials and the models on the spot as well. Get your tailor-made shirts, t-shirts, pullovers, sweaters, jeans, or winter coats in a few days for a very reasonable price. Since all of them are experienced professionals, they can also make stylish occasionwear for weddings or other functions.

Visit Seyar New Brand’s Facebook page, and let your silky dreams come true! Feel free to contact Silsila and discuss any orders on +359 892469336.

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