Sofia Chooses: Your ideas for a better city.

Do you want to have a say in how Sofia will look tomorrow?

Written by Bozhidar Ivanov, Edited by Lindsay Martin, photos by Anastasiia Dehtiarova and Sofia Chooses

Sofia Chooses is an initiative of the Sofia municipality for projects to improve the city environment. It works by allowing citizens and NGOs to propose ideas and projects and vote on their favorite. The highest voted project(s) will become a reality. Every citizen of Sofia can only vote for one project. The project’s 2021 budget is 1.5 million BGN. The deadline for voting is 30 November.

To vote, all you need is a laptop or a mobile device with the location turned on (to guarantee only people located in Sofia can vote), and a Bulgarian mobile number so you can get a confirmation code. To have your say on the future look of Sofia, click HERE. (You can use the translate option when voting to make sure you’re choosing the right project).

1. Overlook platform and rest station at Kopitoto TV tower

Submitted by: Natural park Vitosha

Budget: 1 000 000 BGN

2. Sofia Summer Fest—open-air fest featuring movies, music, and events

Suggested by: Borislav Chuchkov

Budget: 120 000 BGN for 1 year

3. Placing the sculpting composition ‘The Kiss’ on Cherni Vrah boulevard opposite the Lovers bridge. Creating a place for meetings and photos

Suggested by: Rainis Gelov

Budget: 280 000 BGN

4. Recycling vending machines- The machines issue public transportation tickets in return for used plastic containers. (test placement in the Krasno selo region)

Suggested by: Tsanko Donkov

Budget: 15 000 BGN per machine

5. Skatepark in the North Park

Submitted by: The Skateboarding Federation

Budget: 605 000 BGN

6. Budapest street restoration, from Moskovska street to Dondukov boulevard, with the construction of a lift and an overlook terrace

Suggested by: A&A architects

Budget: 500 000 BGN

7. Moving the bell (the Union of the Bulgarian Writers) from a private site in front of the Moskva Hotel to a public location on Dragan Tsankov boulevard, plus creating a supporting garden

Suggested by: the Union of the Bulgarian Writers, Boyan Angelov

Budget: 75 000 BGN

8. Annual choir festival “Balkan Capitals”

Suggested by: Akad. Qnev and Akad. Bobevski and Mitko Mitrev

Budget: 70 000 BGN

9. Art panel installation ‘Ivan Vazov’ – 100 meters from Ivan Vazov street 

Suggested by: Marius Donkin, National Theatre

Budget: 600 000 BGN

10. Renovation of the “Vasil Levski 1928” school in the Poduyane neighbourhood

Suggested by: “Vasil Levski 1928” school

Budget: 400 000 BGN

11. Project “The Slide” – building a children’s playground in the Izgrev neighborhood

Suggested by: Karina Karaiotova and Emilian Delchev

Budget: 8 000 BGN

12. Building a children’s reading room in the “Guard’s house” in Borisova garden

Suggested by: City library’s Public Council 

Budget: 150 000 BGN

13. Restoration of the fresco on 26 Alabin street, created by prof. Ionov and prof. Nicolov, in the 1968-1969 period

Suggested by: Lubomir Toshkov

Budget: 30 000 BGN

14. Artistic children’s playground in the Mladost neighborhood

Suggested by: Mila Pavlova

Budget: 250 000 BGN

15. Creation of sports facilities for children with disabilities 

Suggested by: Mihail Ignatov

Budget: none

16. Placing eight new stone tables for table-tennis in the Dianabad neighborhood, and replacing the old metal ones

Suggested by: Marin Slavchev

Budget: 80 000 BGN

17. Opening a municipality gluten-free kitchen for children 

Suggested by: Maria Paskova

Budget: none

18. ‘Art Scene Lozenets’ project – a place for cinema, theatre, gallery, and child development

Suggested by: Radi Georgiev

Budget: 300 000 BGN

19. Farmer’s market, Novi Iskar neighborhood

Suggested by: Petia Kovacheva

Budget: 150 000 BGN

20. Renovation and modernisation of the ‘Mother’s home’ garden in the Banishora neighbourhood

Suggested by: Galina Petkova and Nikolai Nikolov

Budget: 80 000 BGN

21. Preserving the transport history of Sofia – restoration of historical vehicles – 1 tram, 1 trolleybus and 2 buses

Suggested by: Ivan Ivanov

Budget: 670 000 BGN

22. Building monuments of the Roman emperors, connected with Serdika – Aurelian, Galerius and Constantine the Great

Suggested by: Dobrin Delev, Martin Podmolov and Seifetyn Schekerov

Budget: 100 000 BGN

23. Building a children’s amusement park near the Pancharevo lake

Suggested by: Gergana Stoilova and the pupils from 105 SOU Atanas Dalchev

Budget: none

24. Attraction – hot air balloon flight over Sofia. Example location: South Park

Suggested by: Stani Banev

Budget: none

25. Renovation of the apartment block spaces in the Mladost 1 neighborhood, block 48A and 51A

Suggested by: Rosen Georgiev

Budget: 400 000 BGN

26. Removal of the zebra crossings at the Cherni Vrah boulevard and Henrih Ibsen/ Sreburna street crossing, and allowing pedestrian crossing only via the underpass.

Suggested by: Martina Gancheva

Budget: none

27. Outdoor fitness in the south part of South Park (around Henrih Ibsen street and Koziak street)

Suggested by: Martina Gancheva

Budget: none

28. Camper alley at Ural street in the Gorna Bania neighborhood

Suggested by: Angel Angelov

Budget: dependant on the number of parking spaces

29. Suggestion for improvement of the apartment space for blocks 24, 25, 26 and 27 in the Sredna gora street, Zone B-5-3 neighborhood

Suggested by: Veselin Kirov

Budget: none

30. Children’s playground ‘Schtindra’ in the Gorublyane neighborhood

Suggested by: engineer Veselin Bozhkov

Budget: 63 000 BGN

31. Pensioner’s club – Gorublyane neighborhood

Suggested by: engineer Veselin Bozhkov

Budget: 180 000 BGN

32. Suggestion for placing shelters for waste bins in the Nadezhda neighborhood

Suggested by: Antoni Hristov

Budget: 250 000 BGN

33. ‘Streets for everyone’ – alteration to the road layout on Patriarch Evtimiy boulevard, Fr. Nansen street, Georgi S. Rakovski street, and Vitosha boulevard

Suggested by: Save Bulgaria foundation

Budget: 203 000 BGN

34. ‘Cargo-cycles for Sofia’ project – purchase cycles to be used for transporting goods in the central part of Sofia, as well as use by tourists 

Suggested by: Mariana Georgieva

Budget: 500 000 BGN

35. Dog-walking garden in the Izgrev region

Suggested by: Evrosina Veleva – Ivanova

Budget: 260 000 BGN

36. Suggestion for improving the children’s playgrounds in the Musagenitsa neighborhood, by constructing a wooden playground 

Suggested by: Stefka Chetrafilova

Budget: none

37. ‘Sofia chose the children’ project – planning and constructing modern school bathrooms

Suggested by: Ivelina Ivanova and Denitsa Schilingarska

Budget: 1 500 000 BGN

38. Improvement of the ‘Lincoln’ park in the Ovcha Kupel neighborhood – lights replacement, fixing benches, weeds removal, etc.

Suggested by: Kamen Nikolov

Budget: 120 000 BGN  

39. Removal of the parking spaces for scooters and replacing them with spaces for vehicles

Suggested by: Drago Dosev

Budget: none

To vote for your favorite project, click HERE.

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