Get inspired by science and culture at Sofia Science Festival on 26-27 September

The entire weekend dedicated to the wonders of physics, math, medicine, biology, and astronomy

Written by Open Sofia, edited by Olena Cytryna.


The 10th-anniversary edition of the Sofia Science Festival will give the answers to many questions on interesting scientific topics in different fields. 

For example, students from "Izzi Science for Kids", supported by their science teachers, will show the attendees their favorite experiments in physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy.

And if you ever wondered how to recognize dangerous and unhealthy diets or whether microwave ovens are anything to be worried about, the "Myths and truths about nutrition" workshop is just for you. 

Alternatively, in the workshop "The brain - a guide to maintenance", neuropsychiatrist Dr. Ivan Koychev of John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford will present new technologies for detecting dementia before it begins to have devastating effects.

Bring your friends and family to Sofia Tech Park on 26 and 27 September to learn about this as well as everything about:

  • the future of medicine, including genetic modification, aging, biological risks, and how to prepare for them;
  • the great cataclysms in space: volcanic eruptions, frozen moons;
  • humans preparing to be biplanetary beings;
  • how to protect our planet by consuming less;
  • and much more! 

See the entire program and get your tickets

Most workshops are free, and a few are at a symbolic price of 5 BGN.

The Sofia Science Festival is organized by British Council Bulgaria, under the patronage of the Ministry of Education and Science, in partnership with Sofia Municipality. The festival is part of the Sofia Municipality’s Calendar of Cultural Events.


Main partners: Microsoft Bulgaria, Aurubis Bulgaria, A1 Bulgaria, ARPharM, Neterra, and Overgas.

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