Story.Me - Make an impact: Five ambitious foreigners and Bulgarians inspire the international community

In September, Open Sofia and Synergy Bulgaria launched a new series of events

Written by Open Sofia, edited by Olena Cytryna.


While many people think Bulgaria offers limited choices, we believe it’s a country of great potential. Each of us has an option to create something new, no matter whether we’re talking about business, innovation or social enterprise. 

Open Sofia Foundation and Synergy Bulgaria team up to share five stories of both Bulgarians and foreigners in Sofia. These are stories of people who chose to take a risk and created an impact by bringing their ideas to life with volunteering projects, entrepreneurship and community work. 

Ivan Dimov, who founded  Single Step Foundation - a pioneer NGO supporting, motivating and empowering LGBTI youth in Bulgaria - shared a touching story with the listeners about why he chose to come back to Bulgaria after living in The US.

Ruby Moore, a freelance copywriter, co-founder of Artist Tree Sofia, and the founder of Creatives-Sofia as well as Women of Sofia, talked about why she fell in love with this city and how we can all make our projects come true in Bulgaria.

Bistra Ivanova, co-founder and chairperson of Multi Kulti, a Bulgarian not-for-profit organization that supports the mutual interaction between locals and newcomers, talked about her bold and beautiful projects in Bulgaria and Europe. 

Bhushan Trivedi, a social entrepreneur from India, told the attendees about how small initiatives can make a tremendous impact on people's lives by sharing the findings from his social enterprise back home in India and his new social project in Bulgaria.

Emil Shekerdzhiiski, founder of Networking Premium shared his experiences and thoughts on the entrepreneurial environment in Bulgaria and how we can make our business dreams come true in this beautiful country.

Check out the photos from the event in the gallery below. Photos by Open Sofia’s contributor Pierre Chesneau, founder of Bloomyn Media.


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