English-speaking vets in Sofia

The top five vets in the city. Plus clinics by area and vets who work 24/7

Written by Marta Valverde, edited by Lindsay Martin, photos by Marta Valverde and Unsplash

After publishing a list of doctors who speak English in the city, it is time to dedicate an article to the care of our furry ones. All of us who have a pet want the best for them. That is why it is so important to have their care ensured when settling here. Also, we need to know where to go if we have recently adopted or in case we rescue an animal from the street.

Thanks to the recommendations of our great community on Facebook. "Foreigners in Sofia & Friends," we have prepared the top 5 English-speaking vets in the city. We have organized the rest of the recommendations by area.

Our top 5

  1. Central Vet Clinic. It is the most recommended, especially for surgeries and specific tests that require advanced techniques, such as CT scans and cardiology surgery. For these cases, Dr. Zlatinov stands out. It is located close to the Sofia Zoo and is open every day of the year, even at night, although with reduced availability and it is mandatory to call beforehand. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Melinda de Mul works here. She is considered the best exotic vet in Bulgaria. She specializes in rabbits and rodents, and it’s possible to contact her directly through her page.
  2. Dobro Hrumvane. Located in the center, this clinic has been noted for having many pharmaceutical products and various English-speaking doctors. It also has clinics in Iztok and Borovo.
  3. Green Do Veterinary Clinic. Located in the Oborishte area, it is very close to Zaimov park, and is the third most recommended.
  4. Veterinary Clinic Nova. Located in Mladost 4 and covers all specialties. 
  5. Veterinary Clinic Blue Cross. This one is also 24/7 and has stand-out doctor, Borislav Yordanov.

Now let’s see the rest of the recommendations by city areas.


According to the community's experience, Good Idea clinic is the best option here, as it has English-speaking doctors and good prices.

Marta-Valverde-1395x930.jpg (1395×930)


In this zone, Jaff and Murray Veterinary Clinic is highly recommended. It is located near the open market. The best advice is to go during the week, as Saturdays are very busy.

Other options are Multidisciplinary Veterinary Clinic Bulgaria, run by four vets that used to work at Central Vet Clinic and Bulvet Clinic, whose kind doctors stand out. 

Last but not least, there is a vet in Krasno Selo, Georgi, that does home visits. He’s available on Viber: +359889630378.


At Madara Vet their doctors not only speak English, but they are also fluent in French and German. 

Other options in this area are ItaVet and Vet&Care Dr. Yordanov.

Zona B

The best choice in this neighborhood is Saint Antim Vet Clinic. It’s open 24/7 and has many skin and dental specialists. 

Although we have found that almost all vets in the city speak English, given the large number of clinics that exist, it is always good to have recommendations based on personal experiences. And remember, at Open Bulgaria we are always open to suggestions that will help our large community of internationals in this country.

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