A winter date night series: Dinner in Sofia

Some of the most romantic restaurants in the Bulgarian capital

Written by Anna Kerezsi, edited by Mila Boshnakova, photos by Anna Kerezsi and Claudia Pulido

People say that one of the best things in life is when you fall in love with your best friend. When you are in harmony together, everything looks easier and lighter, you have a comparable ideology about life, and most likely a similar opinion on which movie you should watch, which concert you should listen to, or which restaurant you should go to for a delicious dinner.

You aren’t like this? Oh, don’t worry, it is totally fine to have different tastes, and even to argue a little bit about how you want to spend your free time together. It is also fine not to have any idea what to do. This is why we think this series of articles can be useful for you to pick the best fitting idea for yourselves, and to spend a memorable evening in an intimate and calm atmosphere. 

The pandemic is still ongoing and we never know what kind of restrictions we will have in the coming weeks, but let’s take advantage of the current situation when you are allowed to go to many indoor places.

Where should we go to eat?

L'etranger - The Stranger, in French, is the oldest French restaurant in Sofia. Perfect for a dinner date with a variety of food and wine directly from the country of love! The interior design is a mixture of authentic colors and a vintage atmosphere, evoking some good old memories from Paris. 

Made in Blue

Apropos France, did you know there is a dark restaurant in Sofia? I mean, it’s really really dark, the blackest black, and you cannot see anything. The idea came from Paris in the ’90s and this is the first one in the Balkans. When you close your eyes, your other senses become stronger and you may even taste your food better. How confident are you to guess your surprise dishes by taste? Try it yourselves in Tenebris for an intense and unforgettable experience!

Alright, alright, maybe you don’t feel comfortable eating in total darkness. What about something blue? It is more and more common that old, abandoned buildings become restaurants in Sofia, and this is how Made in Blue was born. You can easily recognize it by its color because it really is blue on the outside. But inside, something unique is waiting for you! Everything is different but somehow matching at the same time. You cannot find two identical chairs but it is not bothering you. Why is that? Because the place is warm and cozy, and the food is so delicious!

Speaking of renovated buildings, Apartmental is an unusual way to eat and talk, but very calm for a romantic cuddle with homemade food and local beverages. Not everyone likes the fact that you have to grab your food for yourself in the kitchen, and the menu depends on what they currently have, but in my opinion, this adds extra excitement. Each room looks like… a room. But somehow different with the compositions. Foreigners have good experiences in general; check it out for yourself!


Here are some additional ideas to discover for yourselves, they were recommended by foreigners, so you can give them a try:

Captain Cook for fish and beef lovers;
Umami and Moshi Moshi for the lovers of Japanese food;
Constantinoff on Vitosha street - follow the white geometrical heads with plants!

We hope that you like our romantic gastronomical list and will spend some magical evenings with your loved ones. Stay tuned for our next article from the winter date night series where we'll give you some more ideas on how to warm your hearts in the cold Bulgarian winter nights!

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