IT training program for non-EU women

BCCI has introduced a new program for refugee and migrant women

Official Press Release by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organizing the presentation of IT training for women – refugees and migrants from third countries that will take place online on 1 March 2022 (Tuesday) starting at 15:00 in Zoom.

The event and the training are in line with the EU project RIDE /Reach Inclusion through Digital Empowerment for migrant women. The project aims to include migrant and refugee women in the digital labor market by giving them the possibility to re-skill or upskill in the digital sector through specially designed training courses enabling them to start working or to find a better job. 

Organizations from Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic are partners in the project. With implementing the RIDE project the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will organize basic and advanced level IT training, mentorship sessions, training in intercultural, social and labor inclusion of women - refugees and migrants from non-EU countries.

The target group is refugee and migrant women who wish to be trained as virtual assistants or in creative arts and supported in their inclusion in Bulgaria, through a hybrid capacity-building programme.

IT training will be held online in March-May 2022 in two levels:
Basic level – email design and management, Microsoft Office, Zoom meeting/Microsoft Teams/Google Meet, Social Media Management;
Advanced level - design and creative arts, brand identity kit, logo design, photo and video editing.

The training is free of charge, and classes will be held online twice a week and will be conducted in the Bulgarian language. Participants who successfully pass the training will be certified by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and industry.

Afterward, the course participants are invited to:
-participate in the RIDE Job Fair;
-fill out the course evaluation questionnaire;
-and share their personal testimonials and feedback about the course.

Additional information will be presented on March 1st.
If you wish to join, please register here or confirm by email: [email protected]
Registered participants will receive an email notification with instructions on how to join. 
For more information: 
RIDE project website: 
BCCI, phone.: 02 8117489, [email protected], [email protected] 

The course is co-funded by the European Union AMIF programme, within the framework of the RIDE project.