5 Places for an Eco-friendly Vacation in Bulgaria

The perfect vacation places for fans of sustainable living

Written and photos by our media partner Highstreet.bg
Published 24 May 2022

You may be used to leading a sustainable lifestyle at home, but what happens to all these habits when you go on vacation? In most cases, we just book a hotel and don’t think about whether we will be able to keep nature clean. After all, we won’t be separating the trash or doing our laundry. The good thing is that regardless of the place you choose for your vacation, you can always find a way to continue helping the planet.

For all the fans of sustainable living and alternative tourism, however, there is another option – eco villages. Slowly but surely, they are getting more and more popular, but not only because it is becoming increasingly important to protect the nature. We are tired of overbuilt resorts and the feeling that even when we go on vacation in the nature it turns out that we are surrounded mostly by concrete. Here are some places that are worth replacing the all-Inclusive hotels.

1. Eco village Omaya
We start with perhaps the most famous eco-village on the list - Omaya. It is located in the village of Gaitanovo, near Gotse Delchev. Apart from the incredible nature of the mountains Pirin and Slavyanka, where it is located, the village attracts with the beautiful houses for accommodation. Each of them is unique and made entirely of stone, clay, and wood, which contributes to the feeling of purity and nature. The organic food that is offered is produced on the territory of the village. The good thing is that in addition to complete relaxation, the place is also suitable for various activities, as it is located near eco-trails, lakes and naturally open spaces for all kinds of sports.

2.  Cob Camp Dabravite
Cob Camp is another eco village with a unique design of accommodation. It is located in the village of Dabravite, near Velingrad. Here, visitors can choose a different type of accommodation according to the experience they want - from a luxury bungalow and a private room in the thatched house to a caravan or military van. The place impresses with beautiful views and nature. The food is homemade, which is always a plus for nature. Interestingly, beverage refrigerators are located in the common areas, and everyone is responsible for writing down what they consume. The place is definitely not for people who expect all-day service type all-Inclusive. As they say - feel at home.

3. Eco village Mountain Corner
Eco village Mountain Corner is a more luxurious version of the above-mentioned ones. It is in the western part of the Rhodopes, near Batak. It is surrounded by three lakes, which makes the area extremely beautiful and perfect for escaping the city. The village has 4 private villas and even a swimming pool, which makes it ideal for people who prefer a hotel holiday, but still need a little solitude and nature. Like Omaya, the place is suitable for various activities with opportunities for off-road adventures, hiking and all kinds of outdoor sports.

4. The Clay house
The Clay house is a place for people looking for absolute solitude. It is located in the village of Leshten. The whole house accommodates only two people, so it is ideal for a romantic eco holiday. As the name suggests, the house is made of clay and also has a "Green House" certificate. It vouches not only for the ecological way of building the house, but also for the fact that saving water and energy, as well as environmentally friendly waste management are up to a standard on the territory of the house.

5. Eco houses Azareya
The eco houses are located in the village of Gorno Trape near Troyan. The village consists of 6 round wooden houses in the shape of a conical pyramid, arranged in a circle. The idea behind the shape of the houses lies in the use of the ancient Chinese art for harmony Feng Shui. Apart from the placement of the houses, all of them face south, and the whole harmonious combination is believed to help with headaches, fatigue and restore proper energy exchange. Here you can expect a complete relaxing holiday. A wonderful place for yoga and meditation practitioners.

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