Best spots for a drink in Sofia

Craft coffee, funky cocktails - finding the perfect place for a friendly meeting

Written by Bozhidar Ivanov, edited by Mila Boshnakova, photos by Unsplash

You’re new in town and you want to meet with a friend or colleague, but you’ve grown tired of the typical coffee places like Starbucks and Costa. You’re looking for something new, fresh, and exciting. Open Bulgaria is happy to share our favorite places for a nice cup of coffee and a bite to eat in Sofia.

Rainbow Factory (10 Veslets Street)
If you’re looking for a tasty bite to go along with your drink, Rainbow Factory offers a wide selection of snacks that are perfect for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Prepare for mouth-watering Bulgarian staples like mekitsi and banitsa, as well as modern and exciting sandwiches and toasts. Enjoy all of this in a vibrant, homey atmosphere, with excellent service and a great location near the Serdika metro station.

Veda House (2 William Gladstone Street)
For all fans of tea, vegan, and plant-based food, Veda house offers an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Enjoy their wide variety of green, black, white, oolong, and fruit teas in a calm, peaceful atmosphere. 

The kitchen is a delight to your plant-based diet, offering original and tasty meals. And to top it all off, they offer homemade ice cream! You can also take advantage of the tea shop and bring home some of their delicious teas!

From Barista Coffee and More (26-30 Bacho Kiro Street)
Available in a few locations across Sofia, From Barista Coffee and More specializes in amazing craft coffees, roasted in-house. They can also prepare them in a variety of ways, which will put a smile on the face of every coffee enthusiast. All the locations have a calm and modern feel and are great, quiet places for friendly conversation.

We’d recommend visiting their central location on Bacho Kiro Street, which is also close to other amazing coffee places like Altruist and FLOW Coffee and Pastry.

The Gin House (36 Slavyanska Street)
In search of a cool cocktail bar? Love gin? We know the right place! The Gin House boasts more than 300 types of gin (and a million funky cocktails to make with it), a stylish look, and a friendly atmosphere. You can grab a bite with your gin, and if you want to stay late, on Friday and Saturday you can enjoy groovy music from their DJs.

The bartenders are friendly and eager to share curious facts about gin, and you can always take amazing pictures of the stunning cocktails for Instagram.

Cava (52 Petar Parchevich Street)
For something closer to a traditional restaurant experience, we recommend Cava. Just off Vitosha Street, it shines with its modern atmosphere and captivating menu, which is a mix of European cuisines, perfect for both lunch and dinner. For all you fine diners out there, it offers beautiful specialty dishes and great selections of cheeses, wines, and delicate platters for special moments to share with someone.

We hope Sofia will bring you many opportunities to meet amazing people and spend quality time in some of the awesome places we’ve suggested!

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