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The creators and changers of tomorrow

Written by Scott Green, photo by Synergy Bulgaria

The way to start a business, or enter the world of entrepreneurship, is to quit talking about it and start doing it. Don’t focus on the winding roads ahead: instead, focus on the destination and where it may lead you.

In the upcoming Business Edition of the Story.Me series, organized by Synergy Bulgaria, Open Bulgaria, and Networking Premium, three young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs will share their stories about diving into the unknown. Learn how their youthful energy and creativity helped them carve out a path of their own, becoming wiser and more experienced along the way.

Join us on 23 June at 18:30 at Networking Premium Rakovska for a night of youthful exuberance that will inspire you to leave worry and hypothetical mistakes behind, and to pluck the courage you need to get you on the road to entrepreneurship. You may be young today, but you are the leaders and changers of tomorrow.
Date: 23 June at 18:30
Venue: Networking Premium - Rakovska Str. 25
Entrance: Free, registration required
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Kosta Karakashyan
Kosta is a Bulgarian-Armenian director, choreographer, performer, and writer who explores empathy through movement and storytelling. He considers himself an entrepreneur because he manages his own career and brand. Constantly looking for ways to create and make things happen is something he’s always done. Kosta sees so much opportunity in Bulgaria and has involved himself with very modern, out-of-the-box performances and productions.

Kosta discovered his passion for conveying messages through dance and the artistic power of performing in front of the camera. Following his dream, he started his own production company Studio Karakashyan, where he has directed six films, most notably known for WAITING FOR COLOR a documentary dance film about the ongoing persecution of the LGBTQ+ community in Chechnya.

Kosta’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is to “Find a mentor, and be a mentor. Maintain this system of giving and receiving with those around you”

Lars left The Netherlands and went to the US to pursue a career in football, that is until he discovered his interest in freelancing. At the age of 21, he decided to move back to somewhere in Europe to start his own business, picking Bulgaria because of the accelerator program. He established his first business at the age of 21 and says that meeting people who introduced him to other people is what really helped him.

He offers six-week incubator programs to people in the US looking to start their own business, he is also a co-founder of BanskoLab, which has the goal of creating a digital nomad friendly place for all nomads to come, work, and learn.

Jane has a bachelor's degree in Business and Economics, but only studied it because she wasn’t interested in anything else. She had yet to find out about her entrepreneurial spirit. She started working with an Italian startup with the mission of combatting food waste, Jane was their fifth employee and by the time she left they’d grown to over 200 employees. Due to the pandemic, she had to return to Bulgaria, although she still worked with the Italian company.

Seeing the need in Bulgaria for a company with the idea of “Too good to go” she approached her employer about franchising the business and starting one in Bulgaria. They didn’t like the idea, so Jane decided to go her own way and start one for herself. She quit that job and started Foodobox, where she now has a team of nine people and is continuing to grow.

Jane’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is to begin by finding the right team, also to not invest too much straight away, start simple. Lastly, she says it’s important to believe in what you’re doing, don’t do it only for the money.

We hope you are ready for an inspiring evening of listening to these enthusiastic entrepreneurs and how they are conquering it. How having a strong will and determination is one of the greatest things, not only in the world of entrepreneurs but in life in general. We look forward to meeting you all on 23 June at Networking Premium Rakovska for a night of inspiration.

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