Story.Me Business Edition - overcoming force majeure

When the world was against them, they tamed the tide of crisis 

Written and edited by Scott Green, photo by Synergy Bulgaria

Barbara Hubbard once said, “Catastrophe and creation are twins.” This is true for many businesses out there who have had the crises of the world stacked upon them. Whether it be the 2008 financial crisis, Europe's ongoing sovereign debt crisis, the recent earthquakes or other natural disasters, or the current effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We as humankind are adaptable to our surroundings and capable of evolving and growing into what the world currently needs from us. This ability is no different when it comes to business, we learn, develop, and change our business in the direction we want to, and sometimes have to.

Join us to hear the stories of the three following business professionals who will tell you all about how crises affected them, how they negated the effects and emerged better and stronger on the other side.
Date: 7 April at 19:00
Venue: Networking Premium - Rakovska Str. 25
Entrance fee: Free, registration required
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Ani Androva
Ani had started a new business prior to the pandemic, she was trying to promote Bulgaria and learned many new things, the problem was she invested her time and money in the wrong companies. 2020 was looking up for her though, but then Covid-19 marched in and Ani quickly realized that she needed to forget about her current endeavors, she needed to find a new way.

She recalls spending a week complaining about everything, and after calming herself she remembered the importance of leaving the emotions behind and looking for a solution. Shortly after finding her focus, Ani recalled Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how important it is to have a business focused on the survival of people. “We started cooking and delivering food during the lockdown, quite successfully. But we learned a BIG LESSON here. You should not enter a business just because you have no other options”

Ani is passionate about developing businesses, and one thing that has always stuck with her is what her grandfather always said: “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Svetla Lesova
Svetla has an incredibly inspiring story that we won’t spoil and will leave it for her to tell on the night. Briefly, though, it’s about what it's like going from 20 years of experience in the corporate world, working for international multi-billion companies to jumping into entrepreneurship.

Linda is our final speaker who also has an incredible story which we leave for you to hear on the night.

We hope you are ready for an inspiring evening of listening to these powerful women and how they are conquering whatever the world and business world throws at them. How having a strong will and determination is one of the greatest things in not only business but life in general. We look forward to meeting you all on 7 April at Networking Premium Rakovska for a night of uplifting tragedy.

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