Translate a Story Ukraine

Books for Ukrainian refugee children

Written by Scott Green, edited by Andrea Vushkova, photo by Translate a Story

Many of us may not have considered this, but what should the children of families who have fled Ukraine do about their education? They are currently unable to go to school, so how can they continue learning?

This is where UNESCO comes in, and by partnering with other various organizations they have launched the Translate a Story Ukraine campaign with the aim of translating early grade books into Ukrainian. 

The campaign aims to translate 100 books, and the organizers are asking for help in doing so. It only takes approximately one hour to translate one book, depending on the level. You don’t need any formal qualifications, just be fluent in both English and Ukrainian.

How to get involved:

  • Register and inform them if you want to be a translator, proofreader, or both;
  • They’ll send you a link to a tutorial and a kit to get you started;
  • They’ll provide on-demand webinars to guide you and the other volunteers.

Click here to register as a proofreader or translator. 

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If you are Ukrainian, you will also find useful resources in the previously mentioned article. However, if you are looking for legal aid, you can read this article.

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