Challenge for a cause

Support every child’s equal access to quality education in Bulgaria

Written and edited by Scott Green, photos by Teach For Bulgaria

Challenge for a Cause is an initiative by Teach For Bulgaria and a chance for you, the public, to support their amazing work and help them prove that education is something that we still value. They’re challenging you to participate in a one-of-a-kind event on 30 May, to push your limits with a sports activity, go further than you’ve ever gone, all in the name of children in Bulgaria. You won’t be alone – hundreds of enthusiasts from Bulgaria and abroad will be participating as well. Let’s all join forces and show everyone, everywhere how much we believe in the power of education.

How do I challenge myself?

You can challenge yourself by walking, running, cycling, swimming, climbing, or you can do something of your own making. It’s simple, if you’re someone who likes to walk every day, you simply walk longer. If you typically cycle five kilometers, well now you cycle six or seven, or as many as you want. The point is to challenge yourself and feel all the better because of it.

Where do I sign up?

If your interest is piqued and this sounds like you, register here to participate. You can challenge yourself or form a team of friends, family, or coworkers, add a friendly bit of competition and see who from your office or family can push themselves the furthest. Spread the word, tell everyone about this wonderful cause and let’s all do our bit for future generations. Additionally, every email address that registers will automatically enter a special raffle with some exciting prizes for adventurers.

How should I prepare?

As with all things, preparation is key and what helps you succeed. You may be thinking “well May 30 is ages away, I’ve got time”, but time is the one thing that stops for no one. Get out there and start preparing, don’t find excuses, if you need to go get something from the store, why not walk, or cycle, leave your car in the driveway. The sun has come out and the day is beautiful, why not hike that track you’ve been waiting to do, or climb that mountain to watch the sunset. 

While you’re out there practicing, please share your photos with the hashtag #challengeforacause, this way you’ll be helping to reach an even greater audience and have thousands of participants by the end of May!

How much does it cost?

For an individual participant, registration costs 20 BGN, but for groups of five or more, it’s just 17 BGN per person. You can also purchase a T-shirt or bandana to wear for the day of. All proceeds go directly towards the work of Teach For Bulgaria and will be invested in the training and support of new teachers, in developing new programs like “A New Way to Teaching” and “Model Schools”, as well as in other organizational activities related to the research and design of useful resources for teachers, parents, and students.

You can also share the Facebook page with your family and friends. Well then, don’t just sit there, sign up now. 

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