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Independent professionals and solopreneurs, improve your skills with help from the Freelance Business Community

Written by Bozhidar Ivanov, edited by Scott Green, photo by Unsplash

Sofia is home to many entrepreneurs, freelancers, and digital nomads. This lifestyle gives you plenty of freedom and autonomy over your life and work, and in the post-Covid world, even more people will either join the freelance workforce or adopt much of their lifestyle due to the move to remote working. 

Freelance Business Community is an organization aimed at helping freelancers and solo professionals expand their skill-set and learn more about the freelance economy and the trends in the industry. Apart from producing educational blog content and having a helpful social presence, they organize global online events, where they gather experts for talks and workshops.

Their last event, Freelance Business for Writers, offered copywriters, journalists, translators, and other wordsmiths the chance to learn more about expanding their influence, pricing their projects, and branding themselves better. If you missed it, you can see the replays of all the sessions here.

Earlier in the year, they also had the Freelance Business for Marketing and Sales event.  

It included talks and workshops by many marketing and sales experts from Neil Patel Digital, Ogylvy, Marketo, and more on topics like personal branding and developing your freelance marketing agency. Replays can be found here

If you do creative work or are in a creative industry, their next Freelance Business for Creatives event (on 23-24 August), will be for you.

You will learn more about:
– the current freelance economy trends
– how to set up a strategic plan for yourself and your creative business
– finding new clients and sources of income
– setting your freelance business pricing strategy
– growing your freelance business to 6-figures
– and much more!

The best part? Attendance is free for a limited amount of tickets and only 100 tickets are left at this point. So if you don’t want to miss your chance, register now.

While the event will be packed with useful information, it’s just the warm-up. The Freelance Business Community will dedicate the whole month of October to running the Freelance Business Month 2021 – a massive event, which will gather dozens of world-class speakers to talk about freelancing. Not only will you gain cutting-edge knowledge and insight into running a freelance business and working independently, but you will get the chance to connect with a global community of freelancers, engage in workshops and collaborative seminars and even find clients, partners, and new friends.

This year, you will hear about:
– The future of the freelance economy and opportunities for freelancers
– Digital freelancing
– Switching from a corporate job to freelance, where and how to find clients, and working with platforms
– Value proposition, marketing essentials, and branding
– Process optimization and setting up effective structures
– Right mindset, intrinsic motivation, mentorship, and soft skills necessary for business growth
– Pricing your expertise and negotiation
– Finances and tax optimization, finding resources, going for investments
– Forming partnerships and collaborations
– Cross-border business relationships (how it affects freelancers tax and income; optimization possibilities), Brexit
– Who can support your freelance business in Europe, tools and services, free support
– Client’s perspective on working with freelancers, HR and flexible workforce, case studies
– Building diverse remote teams

Last year, the event gathered 70 expert speakers and almost a thousand attendees, we gathered much amazing feedback from the community. To see more on how it went last year and to get ready for this year click here. You can join the event as a speaker, sponsor or partner, or subscribe to know when the registration is open (which is very-very soon). 

If all that isn’t enough to fill your appetite for knowledge, on 6-7 December, they will be running the Freelance Business for Software Developers event, so any indie devs and solo coders out there, follow Freelance Business Community on social media for updates. If you’re an expert software developer yourself and have something to teach other freelancers, register as a speaker today here.

If you’re looking for even more ways of improving your freelancing skills, they also run free masterclasses on topics like scaling up your independent business and investing as a freelancer. Their next masterclass will be on 16 September on the easy ways of creating a website for your business. Register and watch the previous masterclasses here.  

If you want to stay updated, keep an eye on their social media pages at Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube (you can follow some of the earlier presentations.)  And if you want to join the conversation now, feel free to join here.

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