Calling all young software engineers

VMware Bulgaria launches training program for young software engineers

VMware Bulgaria launches a program to support young software engineers and their career development. VMware Cloud Management Bootcamp is suitable for students in the final year of their studies or those who recently graduated from a university majoring in Computer Science or related specialties.

VMware Cloud Management Bootcamp is a one-month training program that will be held from 13 September to 8 October 2021. Participation is virtual and completely free. Students can apply until 20 August. The successful candidates will receive an offer to start their careers as software engineers at VMware.

The participants in the Bootcamp have the opportunity to gain practical experience for products, technologies, and develop further their knowledge in modern cloud technology.

Mentored by leading experts in the industry, students will learn and experience first-hand the process of developing a successful career in a global IT company. The candidates who finish the program successfully will receive an offer to start their careers as software engineers with VMware.

“By sharing our experience and knowledge, we can contribute to the community around us, as well as help young talents [sic] start their careers as software engineers,” said Dimitar Ivanov, R&D Manager at VMware and mentor at VMware Cloud Management Bootcamp.

VMware is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility that helps customers by accelerating their digital transformation journeys. VMware Bulgaria is one of the largest IT investors in the country.

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