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Written by Bozhidar Ivanov, edited by Scott Green, photo by Freelance Business

There are many reasons why people choose to leave the 9 to 5 lifestyle and follow their entrepreneurial spirit – it may be the desire for more flexibility, the freedom to work where they’d like, or simply the challenge of following a passion and being your own boss. There is great freedom in working for yourself, but it can often be lonely, and many people feel like they lack the support of their professional peers. Here’s where freelance communities come in.

Freelance Business is a community of professionals who choose to work on their own terms. They believe in a culture of mutual support and improvement, and help each other with advice and opinions. The founder of the community, Elina Jutelyte, offers her support to the wider community by organizing educational events where all freelancers can learn and network together.

This year they are organizing four short events, plus the month-long mega-event Freelance Business Month 2021. It was only last month that their Freelance Business for Marketing and Sales event took place, which looked at how marketers can find more clients and improve their work. If you missed it, you can purchase replay access here.

Their next event on 3-4 June will be aimed at freelance writers. If you’re involved with copywriting, journalism, translation, or any other occupation which involves writing, you can benefit from the expertise of over 15 experts. The list of speakers is available here, and it includes sessions on correctly pricing your projects, finding good clients while letting go of troublesome ones, growing a content marketing agency, excelling at personal branding, and more. Sound awesome? Hurry and register now, as the free tickets are limited.

That’s not all – on the 23-24 of August, Freelance Business Community is preparing an event for freelance creatives. Designers, artists, photographers– you’d like to add this to your calendar. And for December an event for software developers is being organized, so all you passionate indie devs and techies can learn more about profiting from your skills.

Last but not least, the Freelance Business Month 2021 is in October. Last year it included world-class experts like Cyriel Kortleven and Paul Rulkens, and this year’s event promises the same caliber of speakers, so keep on the lookout for more information later this year.

So there’s plenty to keep keen freelancers busy this year. To find out more about Freelance Business and to join their community, click here, and don’t forget to register for the Freelance Business for Writers event here.

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